Hamburg, Mindspace is coming to town!

While renovations continue full steam at Mindspace's new Hamburg location, a new billboard has made it loud and clear: get ready for Mindspace!

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4 years ago

As we countdown to March 2016, renovation efforts proceed full power at Mindspace’s new location in the amazing city of Hamburg. The Hamburg offices will be located in the stunning Klöpperhaus, a 100-year-old building in Rödingsmarkt 9.

Earlier this week, just before Christmas, a new billboard reading “Life is too short for a boring office” was put up on the front of the building, carrying a clear message from Mindspace to the city’s startup and business scene. Indeed, Mindspace’s offices are anything but boring.

In addition to its vintage-curated designed meeting rooms and lounges, pampering kitchen bar and phone booths, the Hamburg Mindspace location is easily accessible by public transportation, and has a parking lot for bicycles and cars alike.

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch our community in Berlin and Hamburg, cities that are no strangers to entrepreneurship and which boast an innovative tech and idea-based ecosystem,” says MINDSPACE Founding Partner & CEO, Dan Zakai.

Currently, Mindspace counts two locations in Israel, catering together to almost 1,000 unique members of this vibrant and growing community.  Due to its exceptional environment, filled with creativity, innovation, and collaboration, the spaces have become the first choice for various entrepreneurs, from early-stage startups, to small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and artists.

“Mindspace seeks to bring great minds to one, centrally-located location, and allow our members to get inspired from one another. Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur, an early-stage startup, or an established business, there’s a place for everyone,” adds Yotam Alroy, MINDSPACE Founding Partner & Chief Business Officer.

Looking to get inspired and get your business out of the boring office and into an innovative space? Contact Mindspace and we’ll help you find a space.

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Mindspace Hamburg. Waiting for you at Rödingsmarkt 9.
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