Your Dfrent way of looking for an apartment

We've all went through the excruciating process of looking for an apartment - when the over-the-top real-estate agent is getting paid a lot for so little work. Dfrent wants to change this and give you the reward you deserve. Meet the Mindspacers

Written by Yoav Segev

4 years ago

Who are you?

dfrent is new and unique platform based on an innovative business model.  We are offering apartment-owners and tenants – looking to move in or out of a property –  a fair alternative to the traditional real estate agents.

What does your company do?

Dfrent developed a unique internet platform and business model, based on sharing economy ideas, that are implemented in various economical fields.

Our model offers every outgoing tenant a chance to profit from the moving out/moving in process by being rewarded for it. In our vision, the outgoing tenant will look for a new tenant who, by the time the deal is sealed, will reward the outgoing tenant. This new monetary cycle, where the money stays within the tenants ecosystem, is the difference dfrent wishes to create.


What led you to startup this company?

The dfrent concept came to mind in the midst of the excruciating search for an apartment. At the end point of this frustrating and long process that is based on poor technology and over-the-top annoying real-estate agent – we payed a large amount of money to the agent, who actually did almost nothing in return. We decided to come up with a solution that will assist others in having a better experience.

What inspires you?


What’s your one-liner tip for others?

Life moves pretty fast. Stop and look around once in awhile, so you won’t miss it.

Anything else you want to tell us?

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