Create an Office Space That Inspires You

Typical working adults spend between 8-9 hours in their office spaces each day as they continue developing their professional careers. If that sounds like you, it’s worth it to take the time to make sure that your office space is a place that you can vibe with.

Written by Eden Baniel

3 years ago

Your work space matters, so make the most of it. Here are the things you need to create a new office vibe that both inspires and enriches you.


Interesting Colors

Fill your office with bright-colored furniture and decorations, and watch how the splashes of color inspire you. Maybe sitting on a mustard-yellow sofa or a bright pink cushion is all you need to keep you awake throughout the day. Even more so, encompassing yourself with a lively and fun atmosphere can transform your mood entirely. Having a more colorful and vivid tone in your office space can contribute to a better work climate; and therefore, a happier general mood. Happy is the exact vibe you need to get you through the day.


Dynamic Spaces

Don’t you just want to get up and move around after you’ve been sitting down all day? Having some open spaces in your office floor not only feels more freeing, but turns out they’re actually quite conducive to some mid-day dance breaks. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want a mid-day dance break? The great thing about a dynamic office space is that it can suit any situation, giving you a corner for every need or activity. So whether you’re working at your typical desk, reclining on a comfortable couch, or dancing in the middle of the floor, you literally have a space for everything.


Creative Energies

One of the biggest things that can make or break your office vibe is the people in it. If you’re lucky enough to have interesting people in your office space, chances are you probably have a lot of creative energies flowing through it, too. When someone sitting across the table from you is creating something cool, it’s hard not to feel the inspirational vibe that the process of innovation gives off. Take advantage of this and feel the atmosphere improve. Passing around ideas in an entrepreneurial environment can stir your thoughts and lead to even more unique creation.


Mood Lighting

Good lighting isn’t only essential for your pictures, but for your work space, as well. Having different kinds of lighting within the areas of your office can completely change the way you think and work. Most days you’ll be working incredibly hard, and when you need it, that blinding hospital lighting could definitely keep you awake. Yet, it turns out that mood lighting, which is a bit more dimmed, is the new trend taking over office spaces across the globe. It helps to create a more calm and pleasant environment, so that you can feel less stressed even when your work is most hectic. This type of ambience can open your mind, allowing you to think more creatively, and to produce work that is more unique.



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