Celebrating 4 Years: Four Facts About Mindspace Tel Aviv You Probably Didn’t Know Before

To celebrate our fourth birthday, we bring you some truth about the first ever Mindspace

Written by Maayan Samuni

2 years ago

This year Mindspace is celebrating its’ four year anniversary. Since opening its’ first location on Rothschild Boulevard in 2014, Mindspace has further evolved and expanded in order to continuously offer members a perfect place to get inspired and to create a new network.

Whether or not you’ve followed Mindspace from the beginning, or you’re just joining us now, here are four facts about Mindspace that are sure to get you excited!

1. First Coworking location in Tel Aviv:

Founded in 2014 by Dan Zakai and Yotam Alroy, Mindspace was the first coworking space concept to open in Tel Aviv. In the business world location is everything, and Mindspace delivered by opening its’ first location in the heart of Tel Aviv on Rothschild Boulevard.

(Tel Aviv)

Our first Rothschild location is innovative in that it includes private offices, suites, open spaces and hot desks which offer a modern working environment to companies of all sizes.

Before Mindspace, there were no official coworking spaces in Tel Aviv and finding an office space to rent remained a complex and expensive process for many. When it first emerged in Tel Aviv, the concept was, and still is, to make this process smoother by offering stylish and collaborative spaes to businesses of any size and point of progression.

The goal is to create an environment that goes beyond your everyday workspace.

2. Unique Design:

So, what makes Mindspace offices so unique? Let’s start with the fact that all of the artwork and decor found in our spaces are hand picked by the creative design team. They passionately engage their heart and soul in every detail in each location. The team works to find unique and inspiring artwork from local artists, and explore local flea markets in search of interesting one-off pieces to light the space.

It is important that when we move into a new location we are staying true to the essence of that community and bringing it to our members. Each location has its own vibe from the architecture of the building down to the treasures on the shelves.

3. Global Locations:

Mindspace may have first sprung in Tel Aviv, but in just four light-speed years, it has expanded globally – in a massive way. It is currently one of the top coworking spaces in the world. 

(Mindspace, Hamburg)

Currently, there are 16 Mindspace locations in five different countries – Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Warsaw, London, and we are quickly expanding further throughout the U.S. and Europe. Look out for our exciting openings soon to come!

(Mindspace, Berlin)

Check out our locations here! https://www.mindspace.me/

4. Wellness

Mindspace is a strong supporter of wellness and mindfulness in the workplace. We offer wellness programs in all of our locations in order to promote the work/life balance of all members. We understand the importance of physical and mental health and how it affects your productivity in the workplace. 

(Mindspace, Berlin)

Members are offered a variety of wellness classes and events via our wellness program, SOUL TRAIN. This includes weekly yoga and pilates (free for members), meditation sessions, mandala drawing classes, nutritional workshops and talks, and laughing circles.

Celebrate four years with us, as well as the upcoming opening of four new floors at Mindspace on Rothschild. Now you can join the best community in town, too.

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