CBien Revolutionizes The Way Individuals Think About Their Belongings

They’re living every startup’s dream scenario: raised €8 million; joined the prestigious Startupbootcamp InsurTech in London, won the Innovation Digital Award from IT Night, presented at Websummit 2016, and on September 20th we’ll all have our fingers crossed for them in the final round of the European Startup Insurtech Award.

Written by Lena Bücker

2 years ago

So, what are we talking about?

CBien, a platform that takes care of your belongings! We met with Mindspacer Leif Krieglsteiner, who is currently introducing CBien to Germany, to get the latest on this exciting company…

Available on iOS, Android and on the web, CBien is a unique platform that takes care of your personal assets. We are a team of 29 employees and are based in Paris, Nantes and Hamburg.

Our team is strongly committed to achieving a common objective: to help consumers manage their belongings seamlessly and without any effort via a cloud-based platform that uses state-of-the-art technologies and features.

But to answer your question properly, we have to go back a few years…

In 2013, Pierre Delage – one of our two co-founders – had his belongings stolen from the trunk of his car. Unfortunately, he didn’t keep all of the proof-of-purchases, nor the warranties, making it very hard to be reimbursed.

That’s when David Gascoin – CBien’s second co-founder – and Pierre came up with the idea: why not create a cloud platform where you can keep all the information about your belongings? That way, you have everything you need in the case of an accident, a theft, or any other unfortunate situation. In December of the same year, CBien was created.

CBien. Will be launched soon in German-speaking regions and in the UK

Around 2014, they decided to take things further by helping people around the world take care of their goods, allowing users to secure, evaluate and manage their personal belongings, from smartphones, TVs, and books, to bicycles, sofas and washing-machines.

Now, one of our main goals at CBien is to allow users to instantly register items they’ve just bought, developing tools such as our Chrome and Firefox plug-ins for online purchases, and our invoice scanners for use in physical stores.

You just raised €8 million – congratulations! How did you manage it, and why do you think there’s so much confidence from your shareholders’ side?

Thank you very much! Some of our shareholders have supported CBien’s journey since the beginning. After launching our first proof-of-concept with them, they realized all of the opportunities that CBien could offer them and their customers. Hence, they decided to invest in order to go further in terms of customer journey and new services like on-demand insurance.

So what are CBien’s future plans for Europe?

We are working on becoming the first digital asset management platform enabling the sharing economy, and including new disruptive services. We’re focusing on building up sustainable partnerships with insurance companies to create a unique user experience, multiplying touch points and offering customized services. Hence, helping insurers position themselves as “guardian angels” towards their clients.

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be launching our services in German-speaking regions and in the UK. At a later stage, we’ll be opening the platform to Spain, Italy and many other countries.

On a more personal note: how did your own journey lead you to CBien?

I was introduced to David through my personal network. I have been totally addicted to his vision of CBien since our first talks. He offered me a ticket to join the ride and I could not refuse this amazing new challenge.

Leif Krieglsteiner. A pleasure to work with an experienced team

After having worked for over a decade in the consultancy business, it was crucial for me to find an environment where I could use my experience to meet huge challenges.

With an extensive background in leading value improvement and digital transformation initiatives (from corporate structures, to SME and early-stage startups), it’s a pleasure for me to work with an experienced team that understands the rules of global acting enterprises on the one hand and disruptive initiatives on the other. It allows us to be able to manage specific challenges and to set up innovative business models with the right sense of proportion.

In these exciting times why do you think that Mindspace fits your needs?

The main advantages are the great offices, lounges and the personalized service. This allows us to focus on our business and growth. On the other hand we like the flexibility. The ability to expand or reduce at any time by extracting additional offices is very useful. Due to the fact that we travel a lot, the idea of using the Mindspace environment in several European cities is a great opportunity, too. In addition, we really enjoy the community benefits like the workshops, networking events, promoted exchange in the community, and of course the happy hours.

What do you wish for CBien over the next year?

That we will continue to improve our services, and that our sophisticated platform is recognized as being more than capable of supporting companies on their quest for customer loyalty, and as a part of their sharing economy business models. I’m sure that this is something we will achieve.


You can  stay up to date with CBien via their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

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