How can an office space change your life(style)

The ever changing routine, the attention to small details and the continuous sense of pride you get when you’re hosting big shots or even friends - You’d be amazed by the effect the place you work from has on you and your lifestyle

Written by Yoav Segev

3 years ago

So, you’ve been hearing about co-working spaces a lot lately. Being an entrepreneur, your social media profiles may be bombarded with ads inviting you to the most inspiring space ever created. You read about them in newspapers, hear about them in talk shows, on the radio and TV. Where ever you look, you see more and more spaces popping up and you probably have no idea which one is the best for you.

Now let me say it loud and clear. I am not objective, and neither is the text below. I work at Mindspace, and I think you should work from here as well. That’s why I’ve listed three points, a little less ordinary, telling the story of Mindspace and the effect an office space can have on you and your lifestyle. You’d be amazed by how big it is.

Are you fired up? Ready to go?!

Let’s start:

Who likes routines?

Let’s talk about routines. Some people, even some of my best friends, really love waking up every morning at the same time, have the same coffee from the same shop, have their cigarette break at the same time every day and with the same people. Same drill, different day. Sounds boring, right?

Well, I used to live that way as well, but then an office changed my life. Ok, it didn’t really change my whole life, but it definitely changed my lifestyle. Coming to work every day seems like an exciting adventure. Sure, I still wake up in the morning (Thank god!), and I most definitely have my tasks and goals to meet by the end of the day (Thanks god?!), but everything around me changes each day.

So, one day you’re having lunch with your colleagues, and the next day you’re having lunch by the bar and start talking to a complete stranger who may become your new BFF. On another day, you can attend an event about something you’ve never heard of and now you wish to know more about.

DSC_1770 (1)

An event at Mindspace Hamburg. Every day is a new adventure

Be Proud

Going back to my first encounter with Mindspace, makes me smile. I remember the first time I entered the building and felt like this is a one of a kind thing. As I entered the elevator and went in to the floor, I got that special WOW vibe, a feeling that this is where I want to be, that from this space I will embark on a professional trip like never before.

And things did turn out extremely well for me, buy like any other workplace you’ve been going to for more than a year, I’ve gotten used to the building, to the elevators and to the floors. This wow feeling could have totally disappeared, but the thing with Mindspace is that whenever you get to host a virgin, someone who’s never been here before, you get to remember how lucky you are to be here.

Seeing the looks on people’s faces as they stroll around the space, checking out the people working all around, the art pieces, the stunning meeting rooms and lounges, makes you a bit prouder of where you’re working from, as if you own this place. And that is something that every employee should be grateful for and every employer should aspire to.


Mindspace unique design. Every detail matters.

All about the details

What surprised me the most when I first got acquainted with Mindspace, is the amount of attention every detail gets. With time it became clear that at mindspace every detail counts and every detail matters.

The ideology behind this is quite simple: to run a co-working space, you need the tables, chairs, and walls. But, to run a truly inspiring space, It’s the details that make the difference. It’s that small rug under the sofa in the lounge, or that mural painted in the open space area that is all about inspiration. It’s the short texts on the coffee mugs and the lighting in the private booths.

Coming from an “ordinary office”, where walls are grey (and so is everything else), to a place where creativity & inspiration are a true way of living really got me pumped up again. Even today, almost 20 months since I first visited this space for my first interview, I still walk around the space and discover new spots with an inspiring vibe, created by those small yet extremely important details. Every time I notice a photo, a wall painting or even a pillow or a plant that I’ve never seen before I get excited all over again.

Can you imagine getting excited everyday?


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