Arts@Mindspace #1: Avital Pudinsky

As art is an integral part of Mindspace's heart & soul, each Mindspace location is a home not only for companies but for local artists to present their art. Arts@Mindspace will reveal the stories of the people who make this magic

Written by Noga Grinberg

4 years ago

Meet Avital Pudinsky, the talented 31 years old Tel-Aviv based illustrator who drew on an entire wall using only a black marker. We presented Avital with some questions, here is what she answered.

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m a graphic designer and an illustrator, and the owner of
PUDISH”. It started a year ago as a brand that makes paper products based on black and white doodles. Over time, the illustrations departed from paper products to fashion items, housewares, walls, tiles etc.

How does your work fit in Mindspace?
I drew a pattern of icons on an entire wall in Mindspace Ahad Ha’am meeting rooms with a black marker. Every person who sits in that room can relate to any of the variety of illustrations that combines technology, people, culinary art etc. Many of the people who held meetings in that room approached me later and told me how nice it is to just sit and stare at that wall during a meeting.

_unnamed (16)

What memorable responses have you had to your work?
People sometimes find it hard to believe that it’s not a wallpaper and that everything is drawn by hand.

What did you think would be easy until you tried it?
This interview, or interviews in general.

What did you think would be difficult until you tried it?
Four months after I started PUDISH, a major fashion company in Israel wanted to collaborate and create a line of paper products for mass production. What started out nice and slow turned into large scale project as I had to supply thousands of products to each store in the chain within only two weeks(!). From a single person business it turned into a small company that designs, prints, wraps and sends all the products. With the assistance of a temporary, yet dedicated, staff of workers, and a variety of wonderful suppliers, I managed to pull it off successfully. So what seemed almost impossible turned to reality. In retrospect, I understand how truly big it was and how succeeding in it wasn’t obvious at all.


What inspires you?
Everything. When I walk down the street all I see is textures and patterns. Whether I want to or not, that is where my eyes lead me to. Sometimes I take a picture to remember, sometimes it just stays in my mind and comes out a little different when I sketch it.

What is your dream project?
To collaborate with a big commercial company, one that sells everything – clothes, underwear, housewares, textile, paper products etc. My dream is to design a collection of products that completes one another, and combine it with illustrations on the store’s wall and display windows. The fun in doodling is the ability to do it everywhere, on everything. I think the totality of it, is part of its magic.

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what’s the worst critique you’ve ever gotten?
I believe people keep the bad critique to themselves, so I don’t get it so much. I can certainly say that the most common tip I get is “add a little color”. Although it happens much less today, maybe people started to accept my monotony.

what’s the best critique you’ve ever gotten?
Every day is accompanied by a few good critiques in social networks, emails and private messages. Meeting more and more people who know “PUDISH”, recognize my work and even me is the best indication that i’m doing something right.


How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
draw everywhere, on everything, but only in one color.