A New Office Space for the New Reality

Nicole Nanikashvili

23 June, 2021

Remember when “Work From Home” (WFH) was a luxury only freelancers, the self-employed and some lucky high tech employees could afford? Enters COVID-19 and shuts down the world. Literally. Suddenly everyone was sent to work from the home office, and wasn’t it fun? Working in PJs, cooking lunch and healthy dinners, working from your couch, taking Zoom calls from your bed. Even companies such as Spotify, Twitter, and Salesforce started announcing “the office is dead”.

It really was fun… until it wasn’t. We started blending in with the furniture, our work hours stretched into the evenings and that once very clear line between work and life became a blur. As lockdowns finally eased and people started going back to the office, new rules and regulations started coming into play and ‘hybrid work‘ came to life. So, why is hybrid workplace the best?

After a year of hyper-flexibility, the freedom to create your own work schedule and working from the comfort of your home, there was a certain longing for a return to the office. A global study run by Barco shows that 85% of the workforce wants to return to the office and resume the social aspect of working life, but with the freedom, flexibility and facilities to adopt a better blend of home and office working. Social interactions, in-person meetings, collaborations, water-cooler chats – who didn’t miss those? Studies by the Harvard Business Review have shown that frequent in-person interactions lead to commitment, support, and cooperation among people on team, which suddenly went missing as everyone worked from home.

But what’s the use of returning to the office when reality as you knew it is no more?
New rules, new work models, new you… The world has definitely changed.
Just ask yourself this: did your office keep up?

A new reality certainly demands a new office space.

Now open: Mindspace Hammersmith at 1 Butterwick, London W6 8DL, United Kingdom.

Learn more about how a hybrid workplace works here.

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Nicole Nanikashvili is the Brand and Content Marketing Lead at Mindspace.

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