8 Christmas Decorations That Will Make Your Office Shine

You don't have to be a handyman to make these DIY Christmas office decorations

Written by Moran Zohar

3 years ago

The hallways are decorated, and the streets are too. Want to get your office Christmas-ready as well? Here are eight great ways to add some holiday cheer.

1. Santa stockings

You don’t need a fireplace to hang stockings, silly. In fact, the office is the perfect place to put them. Plus, they can do double duty with a fun stocking stuffer game. Simply have each team member hang a stocking (with his or her name). Then put each team member’s name in a bag, and let each person draw a name at random. Whoever’s name they pull is the person whose stocking they must stuff with a small present every day until Christmas. Decorative, fun, and perfectly on-target for the giving season.



2. Improvised Christmas tree

The office isn’t big enough for a tree? No worries! You can build a wall tree. Take a light chain, some wood or tree branches, and shape them up in the form of a tree against the wall. Put a star on top, and now you have yourself a beautiful, festive tree!


3. Faux gifts

Real presents are great, but you may want to save those for your home tree. Here, in the office, you can take the gift-boxes they come in, parcel them up in Christmas colored wrapping, add a shiny bow, and delight in the festivity they emanate. Pile them up next to the tree you just made, or wrap up some smaller boxes, tie them with a red string, and hang them next to the window.



4. Festive team photo

This one is great for getting all your office mates in the spirit – with a special Christmas photoshoot! Choose a date for the full team to come to the office with their favorite Christmas sweaters and sparkly dresses in tow. Bring all your X-mas accessories as well, strike a pose, and click-click-cheese – take yourself a memorable team photo. Make sure to add a holiday greeting before you print, and hang it on your office door. Now you’re ready to share the holiday cheer with everyone who enters.


5. Decorated computer screen

Pimp up your screen with some holiday colored tinsel (red, green or silver are the most obvious). All you have to do is tape the tinsel to the frame of your screen, and it too is ready for the holiday season!


6. Candy cane pen holders

If you’re like me, you might remember the candy cane pen holder from your school days. Simple and fun, it’s destined to delight. All you need is a standard pen holder, a handful of candy canes, and a piece of ribbon to tie them in place. Besides adding a little holiday atmosphere to your tabletop, you’ll have a nice snack handy when you’re done.




7. Pinecone wreaths

Put on your jackets, head outside, and start searching for some pinecones (they should be fairly easy to find this time of year). The garland you’re about to create is great for team building, a little breather, plus some low cost, cool office décor.

Essentials: Around 20 pine cones, white paint, and a red wool string.

Directions: Dip each pinecone in the paint, roll it around so it’s completely coated in color. Wait ‘til they’re all dried up, tie them all together, and hang them where you choose.



8. Seasonal treats

What’s more inviting – or says holiday time more – than delicious Christmas treats? If you want to add them to your repertoire, there are two ways of doing it. You can always buy from your favorite bakery, or do it the hard way, baking at home and bringing it in. If you’re inclined to toil to the tune of the latter, here’s an awesome recipe for Christmas tree brownies to get you started:

Essentials: 1 box of brownie mix, green food coloring, different colored sprinkles, white vanilla icing, and candy canes.

Directions: Line a square baking pan with baking paper or aluminum foil, and bake the brownies according to the instructions on the box. After the brownies are ready and have cooled, cut them into triangles (to serve as your tree tops). You can use skewers in order to visualize them before cutting. Next, add the green food coloring to the icing to give it a festive twist. Spoon the icing into a small bag, seal it, and cut the corner. Now you can start decorating your trees. Add the sprinkles, push a short piece of candy cane into the bottom (as the trunk), and you’re done!



If you’re feeling a little lazy, and want to draw some guests, go the easy way instead. Take a nice glass jar, fill it with red and white candies, and store some refills in your top drawer.


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