8 Best Lunch Spots Around Rödingsmarkt

Hungry? Looking for something to eat during lunchtime? Our hard-working team at Mindspace Hamburg curated the best places for a delicious lunch. Guten Appetit!

Written by Lena Bücker

4 years ago

Eating at your office is bad. Going out for lunch in Hamburg is good. Seriously, not only for your growling stomach, but for your mind and your work flow. You probably already have your go-to, close-to-the-office spots, but our Mindspace Hamburg team has curated the best lunch places in the area just for you.

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1. Erste Liebe Bar

A place that is called first love bar can’t be too bad, right?  Enjoy great changing pasta and salads around 7€. Best thing for the indecisive ones: You can make a 50:50 portion out of it for the same price. Erste Liebe Bar is also a great place for people-watching either from the big windows or outside on the beautiful terrace next to a bridge.

Erste Liebe Bar | Michaelisbrücke 3 | 20459 Hamburg


2. Tropea

A good Italian has to appear in this list! In the beautiful historic Deichstraße right around the corner from Mindspace you can enjoy the lunch specials for 6€ each. Traditional Parmigiana, Pasta or Pizza with friendly service and view at the water. Our tip: share Bruschetta and one of the big Pizzas.

TropeaDeichstraße 17 | 20459 Hamburg


3. Gerüchteküche

You like Burgers? Then Gerüchteküche is the place to be! Gerüchteküche has an open kitchen where you can see all the fresh ingredients. The menu offers a variety of  veggie, beef, chicken or turkey burgers, schnitzel and salads. Our tip is the Avocado Goat Cheese Burger. Even when it is crowded (and it is), the service very nice and fast. Prices are in between 7-8€. When the sun is shining you can also sit outside.

GerüchtekücheSteinwegpassage 11 | 20355 Hamburg


4. Souperia

Just around the corner and you can assemble your own salad and pay by weight. Bread, apple and a delicious yoghurt dessert are included – no matter how much you take. Also try the homemade soups that change every day (from potato soup to chili con carne). Prices vary between 4-7€.

SouperiaRödingsmarkt 29 | 20459 Hamburg


5. Hanoi Deli

Fancy some Vietnamese? In the Hanoi Deli you can find everything like Bo, Bun, Salads, Rice or Noodle dishes. The lunch specials change every week and we recommend you to always share some summer rolls before. Be careful: when you sit close to the open kitchen your clothes smell very delicious when you come back to work.

Hanoi DeliSchauenburgerstraße 55 | 20095 Hamburg


6. Jakob Baal

A small Syrian place and a small menu but big delicious Mazza! Yummy hummus, carrots, beetroot, potatoes and more. Small portion for 4.30€ and big one for 6.60€. Warm dishes like chicken tomato rosemary or vegetable rice curry change regularly and are around 6€. The boss behind the bar is very friendly and offers you a small dessert when paying.

Jakob Baal Steinwegpassage 4 | 20355 Hamburg


7. Nordcoast

Just looking for something small but good in a cozy atmosphere? In Nordcoast you can find fresh foods like Panini or eggs, sweet cakes, awesome waffles and the best coffee around Rödingsmarkt! All biological, with a beautiful interior design and a view on the water. Prices are a little bit high, but definitely worth it! When you want to slow down, come to Nordcoast.

NordcoastDeichstraße 9 | 20459 Hamburg


8. Edeka + Mindspace

This is not a joke: The salad bar at Edeka around the corner surprises us again and again with a broad variety of salad choices. Summer salads with blueberries, lentils, feta, pastas and many dressings. You can choose and the price is fair. Best thing is: you can enjoy your self-made salad on a silver platter (and no plastic bowl) at beautiful Mindspace and meet other Mindspacers in the kitchen. Drinks included.

EdekaRödingsmarkt 9 | 20459 Hamburg

You think the best place is missing? Let us know about it and Guten Appetit!



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