7 Outfit Must-Haves for Startup Life

Super comfy, super affordable, and super timeless: You’ll need these pieces in your closet for startup life

Written by Netta Wissner-Levy

7 months ago

It’s no secret that the workplace is becoming more and more casual. It’s not easy to spot tailored suits, pencil skirts and black pumps around the tech and start-up scene, and unique personal style is increasingly a major factor (as it should be!)

Still, “Sweatpants Sunday” 24/7  isn’t quite the appropriate work attire yet. Maybe in 2025, but until then, carefully compiling a selection of essentials will help you achieve maximum style success with minimum effort. Pre-coffee mornings shouldn’t be that difficult.

As a bonus – these staples work both at the office AND for afterwork drinks at that networking event!

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