6 Best Playlists to Get You Through the Workweek

There are dozens of ways on how to survive the workweek. Here at Mindspace we believe in art, soul, creativity and inspiration – that is why we can’t imagine our days going by without our major muse – music.

Written by Edita Lobaciute

4 years ago

Monday’s antiBLUE

We know it’s Monday and that your your grumpy-cat mode is in full power, but worry not, this playlist will fill your soul with love and joy. Soul music classics will make Mondays your favourite day.


On Tuesday, punch it like Tyson

Nothing kicks stronger than good-old school hip hop. Check out this gangsta playlist and get into the ‘ass-kicking’ mode. In case hip-hop is a ‘no-no’ for you, then we are sure you’ll love the ultimate new wave, electro pop and indie music playlist:

Stay focused on Wednesday

Good job! You’ve reached the middle of the week. That’s the time when you should focus the most. Work productively and achieve great things by listening to these mellow beats:

Wicked Thursday’s

We can feel it coming in the air! Friday is almost here: weekend party list is getting longer and our todo list shorter – life is getting better. There is a burning need to finish all the major projects of the week. Let’s hit the play button for the ‘mother’ of the underground music – The Boiler Room, and get things done:

Friday, I am in love

Congrats, you’ve survived one more week like a true champion! Reward yourself with a shorter working day (you’ve been so good the whole week!), cold beer and exclusive remixes on Hype Machine’s ‘remixes only’ section. Happy Fri-yay!

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