Bucharest Brokers: 5 Ways You and Your Customers Benefit from Coworking

Cost-savings, flexibility and a desire to appeal to millennials amid the battle for talent, are all driving the rise of innovative co-working and flexible office spaces in Bucharest.

Written by Mindspace

10 months ago

Most global enterprises plan to utilize co-working/flexible office spaces by 2020. They are starting to understand the real estate advantage but more than anything, they are beginning to realize the HR benefits. Employees today demand more than ever before, and you could be helping your clients with employee retention and thus to save on costs: HR is 9 to 11 times more expensive than the real estate itself.

Enter Mindspace, Europe’s leading coworking provider. Mindspace was essentially born by identifying a need for a better, more premium coworking experience – to close a gap in the industry. It sparked off a fundamental shift in the work environment and pinpointed the cracks in the traditional lease model.  Large enterprises benefit from utilizing the services of a high-quality flexible operator, instead of signing long-term leases. We saw this movement and the opportunity it posed. We have built a global company, with an all-inclusive offering, suitable for world-leading brands, creative entrepreneurs and fast-growing companies.

“Enterprises are increasingly looking for flexibility to meet the new work-life realities. They are seeking workspaces that give their teams an edge in innovation, speed, and learning,” says Dan Zakai, Mindspace’s CEO. “We’ve seen a greater number of enterprises looking to us for these flexible spaces in the last 24 months, often spanning entire floors, to help them future-proof their business, save on costs and logistical headaches, or to attract/retain top talent.”

Here are  5 compelling reasons why you should bring your clients to check out our spaces.


It’s no surprise that workspace design and environment contribute to employee perception of the company’s culture, core values, and identity. The younger workforce especially is adamant about pursuing their jobs in a space that inspires and pushes all sorts of creative bounds. The 9 daily hours people spend at work should be a reason for excitement and make employees feel like the company is investing in their future and their state of mind. Consider this: A study carried out on behalf of Mindspace by One Poll, an independent research firm, found that 48% of Bucharest’s office workers have cited poor office design and experience as a reason for quitting a job. That translates into a costly turnover.

Creating a member-centric experience is one of the core values of Mindspace. We bring a high-end experience to members, which mostly manifests in the premium look and feel of the locations. We create meticulously planned, custom-designed spaces packed with fine finishes, vintage furnishings, high-end amenities, and a curated selection of local art. This results in an inspiring work environment that empowers members to be both happy and productive.

As Dan Zakai states, “Workspace experience matters and companies need to pay greater attention to this. We conducted a study with Onepoll recently of office workers in Bucharest and found that many workers in Bucharest choose their job based on how their workspace looks and the feeling it gives them. This is the main reason employers need to start placing much more emphasis on the aesthetics of the office and fostering a more collaborative workspace rather than focusing only on practical aspects. It might be the safest way to attract and, most importantly, retain the best talent coming through their doors.”


With companies increasingly focusing on the well-being of employees, both to retain them and to attract new talent, it is critical to provide more than the basic services and amenities.  Employee’s productivity can increase immensely if employers provide more than the bare minimum – from modern office equipment and comfortable furniture to designed workspaces and thoughtful touches to the office environment. The physical workspace plays an important role in the emotional well-being of employees, and “business ergonomics” are physical workplace features that employers should really invest in, to promote employee productivity and satisfaction. Or you can help them choose the simpler way and come at Mindspace.

Mindspace sets a new standard in the industry. We bring top quality on-site staff members that provide responsive, personalized service. In fact, we have almost twice higher the on-site local staff to member ratio compared to our leading competitor, and this is a difference our members feel daily. For example, our community managers actively cultivate and execute highly compatible events, tailored to the community, to ensure relevance. And we also see around the world, that they have created many meaningful introductions between member companies, which have led to significant collaborations and partnerships.

We are constantly hosting inspiring and noteworthy events and workshops. From yoga classes to TEDx seminars, we make sure to bring our members all the activities they need to develop, both on a personal and a professional level.

We like to say, metaphorically, that we are the ‘boutique hotel’ experience of the coworking industry. Our primely located workspaces are high-end and upscale compared to our leading competitors. We have top-notch infrastructure that attracts the world’s best companies, such as Microsoft, Spotify, Expedia, Samsung and many more.


Romanian office employees feel the need for more spaces particularly dedicated to collaborative work. Teamwork creative thinking and workplaces need to create designated spaces for breakout sessions that foster collaboration. This way, the company also ensures an overall positive atmosphere and shows to its employees that their collaborative work is what pushes forward the entire activity. Nearly 33% of Romanian office workers have cited the need for more break-out/collaboration spaces in their current office spaces, to help facilitate greater collaboration and networking effects.

Approximately 85 to 90% of our space consists of private offices, so the companies that choose Mindspace benefit from a private office environment with their logo on the wall and can still be part of a vibrant community enjoying the favorable economics of coworking.

If your clients are looking to facilitate a culture of collaboration, both among and across teams, they can find the perfect workspace environment layout at Mindspace. With communal kitchens and meeting rooms, event spaces, and lounges, all specially designed to host teams of all sizes, your clients will most definitely find a space that perfectly fits the needs of their employees. Not mentioning the presence of telephone booths and one-on-one meeting spots, which can help teams that are diffused all around the world to achieve their best work.


It is the era of digital nomads, so employee mobility and flexibility are the new norms. In fact, 47% of Romanian office workers cite working from home as part of their work environment mix, while 12% cite working out of coworking space as well.

Indeed employees have adopted non-traditional work environments and they need flexible schedules and locations, 24/7 office access, and a working computer. This is why employers need to acknowledge and adapt to the realities of an increasingly mobile workforce. Maybe this is the reason why your clients are asking for spaces dispersed around town. Or maybe around the continent. Or maybe even around the world.

Mindspace can also help you here. With locations in 7 countries and 13 cities, which span over 3 continents, you will be able to offer your clients a number of choices like never before. The company operates a growing number of 28 spaces in prime locations across major world cities in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Israel. This means access to a global community of over 14,000 members and approximately 300 companies.

And don’t forget, when we say global, we really mean global. When someone is a Mindspace member at one of our locations, they can work from any Mindspace location worldwide, at no extra cost! If this is not mobility, we don’t know what is.


The growing costs required to work in sought-after central locations have long driven startups and small and medium-sized businesses to choose co-working as a less risky, more flexible month-to-month option. When compared with traditional leases, Mindspace saves enterprise clients approximately 20% per employee on a 5 year deal. Avoid any setup costs and overheads when getting a place for your team. Don’t worry about city taxes, management fees, furniture, interior design, office cleaning, and more.

Beyond the lure of cost-savings (almost 20-40% when compared to traditional lease office) and a culture befitting companies, co-working provides instant access to a network of other companies, enterprises, entrepreneurs and potential investors. The Mindspace app, meanwhile, provides access to a digital network of more than 14,000 members globally.

And for the broker, the benefits are real as well:

  • With a 5-year deal: your commission is 20% higher than with traditional office space.
  • With a 3-year deal: your commission is 2.5 times higher than with traditional office space.

So, the next time you have a client asking for a coworking space, Mindspace awaits you.

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