3 Reasons (more) Women Should Choose Coworking

The benefits to coworking are many – that we already know. But for women, they may be even more aplenty

Written by Coral Braun

3 years ago

There is something special to be said about female entrepreneurs – they have a certain oomph and unwavering spirit often unmatched by their male counterparts. Studies have shown that women start ventures at 1.5 times the average rate, often with significantly less funds than male founders.

They are incredibly efficient when it comes to maximizing resources, and their influence is fast growing: Over the past few decades, the number of female businesses has increased by 68%, employment by 11%, and revenues by 72%. Yet they’re also at a disadvantage – only 6% of decision makers at venture capital funds are said to be female, and female entrepreneurs start businesses with six times less capital than most men.

Surprisingly (or not), not as many women are flocking to coworking spaces as men. Perhaps this is just a reflection of female representation in the world of entrepreneurship: It is not yet up to par with the male, despite being fast-growing.

Below, we outlined three reasons why more women should choose coworking, in order to close in on that gender gap and bring more ‘girl power’ to the shared office space.

#1: Equality in the Workplace – Once and For All!

Over time, women have made epic strides in the workforce – moving up on the professional ladder and securing key influencer positions across the globe. Yet despite these feats, inequality persists. And the notion of ‘equality in the workplace’ (or lack thereof) is an ever-buzzing issue in the media and professional sphere. But with coworking, equality is a non-issue. All community members are created equal – including women. And diversity is highly encouraged to ensure that in-house collaborations are representative of the many different POV’s that our members provide.


#2: Work Sans Hierarchy

Some argue that a hierarchal structure is necessary in any organization trying to sustain stability in the long run and fend off chaos. We beg to differ! Oftentimes, in an organization where equality does not persist (see #1), said hierarchy does not necessarily work in the favor of female employees. But a shared office is inherently hierarchy-free for all members, and community managers are on hand to ensure that such an environment is sustained.


#3: Find a Mentor in Your Unlikely Neighbor

48% of female entrepreneurs have cited a lack in mentorship as a bottleneck to their entrepreneurial progression. Coworking naturally removes that bottleneck. Collaboration lies at the beating heart of any coworking space. The casual work environment and constant interaction with curious and creative individuals give rise to new relationships and friendships – giving entrepreneurs access to a wide range of professional or creative advice and services, often pro-bono. Coworking is, quite simply, a hotbed of mentorship waiting to be activated.


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