25 Fun Facts about Mindspace Berlin

There’s more to the Q than meets the eye

Written by Moran Zohar

3 years ago

You all know how many floors we have at the Q. You know where to find the entrance to the lobby, where to find your community managers, and where they all hail from. Long story short: You know the obvious. So we set out to bring you the non-obvious, extra fun facts about Mindspace Berlin so that you can get to know us as well as we think we know you!


1. Eight dogs visit our space on a regular basis. That’s a whole lot of mans-best-friend & tail wagging in the office and we’d always be happy to see more!

2. Male representation at the Q is much higher than that of the female. 70% of the Q members are men, while only 30% are women. Step it up ladies!

3. We’ve got UPS and DHL deliverymen pulling up into our lobby daily, dropping off about 50 parcels for community members per-day.

4. The Chupenga is the preferred lunch spot for members of the Q. We attribute part of that popularity to the fact that being a Mindspace Member entitles you to a free drink…who wouldn’t take advantage of that?

5. About 50% of our members choose to bring in lunch from home and eat it in our space. Goes to show how cozy our kitchen truly is!

6. Our members work around the clock. According to our records, our latest night owl stayed working until 4 AM. Couldn’t get more nocturnal or hardworking than that!

7. There are 63 spoons in the big kitchen of the 6th floor.  So don’t worry about getting to the office early enough to score a spoon for that morning coffee or bowl of breakfast cereal. There’s plenty to go around.

8. About 60 kilograms of espresso are consumed each month at the Q. We’ve got quite the caffeine addiction…

9. Milk goes just as fast…160 liters are consumed per week. That’s 640 liters per month!

10. Community Managers at the Q sure do value their breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day. Anton takes around two hours to eat his pimped-up yogurt bowl with fruits, nuts, and health powders.

11. Mindspace merchandise is quite in demand! About 200 people parade into our lobby each day to inquire about purchasing one of our specially designed items.

12. Our tallest member is 2.07 meters tall! Whoaaaa indeed.

13. Only 5 of our members bike to work. Guess that means public transport is quite easy and efficient for the early morning commute…

14. The Q is home to 37 shops. So if you ever need a shopping-break or time-out from the workday, just step outside!

15. The office can be a great backdrop to an epic love story. We know of four Mindspace couples, but there’s always room for more office romance!

16. The most popular Happy Hours hosted by our Community Mangers were the:  Italian Happy Hour, the St. Nicolaus Happy Hour, and the Moscow Mule Happy Hour

17. English and German are the most spoken languages at Mindspace Berlin (naturally). French and Russian are the runner-ups.

18. Community Managers Edita & Emilia are those who close up the office each day.

19. We’ve got a diverse startup community made up of: 25% agencies, 20% consultancies, 10% investment establishments, 15% tech startups, and 5% freelancers

20. The Ubahn station is less than 10 meters away from the lobby of the Q – making your morning commute that much easier.

21. The 7th floor kitchen is home to 84 plates. Perfect for that lunch you brought from home!

22. There are 7 private phone booths spread out across the coworking space

23. The Mindspace Berlin Facebook Group has 366 members. Still not a member? Let one of our Community Managers know to get your in.

24. The most popular and in-demand meeting room in our space is M12 on the 7th floor.

25. Our local team is very multi-lingual. In the mix are German, English, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Italian, and French. That’s at least 8 languages to keep up with. It gets confusing, trust us!

And that’s a wrap on our fun facts. Curious to find out more? Call us, e-mail us, tweet at as, or Facebook us. We’ve got you covered.

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