15 Fun Facts About Mindspace Hamburg

Because we figure there’s always something new to learn

Written by Ottavia Tomarchio

3 years ago

By now, you’ve heard a lot about the wonders of coworking, were exposed to some of our fabulous startups, and have gotten a taste of what your life could be like should you choose to settle in a shared office space. Here, we present you 15 things we bet you didn’t know (and probably want to know) about Mindspace Hamburg:

1. The new friendships you didn’t know about:  Coworking gives rise to the best of friendships (both business and not). Did you know that two of our members launched a startup soon after becoming BFF’s? And that one of our personal investors became an active supporter of one high-potential Mindspace based-startup? If that’s not a loving and supporting friendship – then we don’t know what is!


2. We’re (technically) considered a city landmark: We kid you not when we say our space is a city hallmark. Our Hamburg location at Altes Kloepperhaus is, in fact, one of the few buildings left untouched since 1900! That makes us truly one of a kind!



3. We’re BYOD* Friendly: All Mindspace branches are dog friendly. So why leave man’s best friend at home when he can be tail-wagging by your side all day long?



4. Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter: Our building has an amazing fully-equipped gym on the first floor. And although membership isn’t free, it is highly discounted for all you Mindspace members. That means we both save you money on a personal gym subscription, and leave you with no excuses to not work out. So get running!



5. Happy Hours are Aplenty: Our last Happy Hour featured fine dutch cheese and wine – so don’t mind us if we get a bit too bougie. We like to spoil and ring in the weekend early (on Friday) with booze and treats.


6. Relaxing ain’t a sin: Our space has over 25 lounges equipped with sofas, mattresses, pillows, vinyl records, videogames, Redbull, and more. We’re all about taking a timeout when you need one – so you’ve got many a escape rooms to choose from when you feel the need to disconnect and take a break.


7. We like to get the word out about our members: Five of our Hamburg based startups have already been given the spotlight in the form of a feature in our global Mindspace Magazine. Want to be next? Contact a community manager to get in line.


8. In-office massages are actually a thing: Every other week, we have a lovely masseuse (named Lara) visit our offices to give our members an extra-relaxing time out at a steeply discounted rate: 20 minutes for 20€. Not a bad way to kick off the week!


9. Mindspacers on screen: A mini-documentary was produced spotlighting our unique community in Hamburg! Haven’t seen it? Catch it here.


10. We’re all about the bio and eco alternatives: The milk we stock our fridge with is always bio-friendly locally produced. And for vegans? There’s always almond and soy alternatives on hand.


11. Girl power (sort-of) reigns supreme: Although female-occupancy at our space is only 20%, our local team makes up for the gap in representation. 100% of our local team is female! If that ain’t girl power, then what is?


12. People love Tastillery: Our two most popular Happy Hours were the Tastillery Hour and the Oktoberfest Hour. Our members sure did love the mind-blowing specially-created drinks and Bavarian spirit of these two happy-go-lucky hours.


13. In art we care: Our space is filled with many (over 14) artistic one-of-a-kind pieces made by local artists. Go on a scavenger hunt if you dare. See if you spot them all!


14. Sharing is caring: Our community managers are all about the sharing – there’s plenty of mueslis and fruits to go around every morning while reviewing e-mails.


15. We double as a movie set: Let’s face it, our space is very photogenic and eye-catching with its eclectic design. So much so – that it was used to film several movie and television show scenes (amongst them – the German TV hit Höhle der löwen). Clearly, our space has gotten more than its (well-deserved) 15 minutes of fame


*Bring your own dog


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