10 lessons pop music can teach you about empowering your employees

An awesome human capital is the most basic ingredient for a company who wants to create a masterpiece product, much like an artist creating his lifetime exhibition

Written by Micha Cohen

3 years ago

GROOVE IS IN THE HEART. It’s one thing to throw around buzzwords like Agile and GTD, and a completely different thing to be able to create a work environment that actually promotes it. When in doubt, look for the triple Cs to guide you: Change, Communication, Creativity  - eliminate bureaucracy to keep everyone open for change, encourage informal communications, and watch your company’s creativity-meter skyrocket.


TODAY IS THE GREATEST Hackathons = beers + t-shirts + tossing aside your daily tasks for a day and getting jiggy with it. You get to explore, play and do random things while being reminded that what you do is actually fun. Common sides effect include: Crazy ideas, much hilarity and some seriously cool projects that actually become tools to use on a daily basis.


EXPRESS YOURSELF Hire brilliant, original people and then do whatever possible to not get in their way. Give them the tools and environment to do their thing and make mistakes. Hierarchy shmierarchy.


EDGE OF GLORY. One of the worst kept secrets about developers, is that most of them are puzzel-nerds. Give them a challenging puzzle and watch them butt their heads against it until they solve it. Keep the challenges coming, pushing your talents to the edge of their intellectual abilities, and you got yourself happy people and off-the-charts productivity.


CAN’T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD. Hiring talents is a two-way street. It’s not enough that you come with a laundry list of qualities and skills your talent must posses, you need to think what you can offer them. Communicate your company’s vibe and values so that the person you want to hire gets that what you are doing is uber-cool. They will be much more motivated for much longer.


I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW. Share your road map. Open up your data and make everything as transparent as possible. Clear vision and low barriers help everyone stay on course and reach the final destination.


PUT YOUR THING DOWN, FLIP IT AND REVERSE IT. Look for round characters, not in the geometric sense, but in the literary sense. People who come with a rich and diversified skill set that spans wider than their specific professional role, contribute to your company’s DNA, making it resilient and prolific.


HAPPY UP HERE. Make time for a weekly/monthly Happy Hour where anyone can give a talk about their hobbies or interests and share their inner geek with everyone.


FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK, OH. Make feedback from co-workers and peers something to aspire to. When your talent opens up his work to others, and isn’t just worried about his direct boss’s seal of approval, BAHM! You just created real creativity and mind-sharing.




About the Author

Micha Cohen is a tech recruiter @Google. Micha has more than 10 years as a talent advisor in the Israeli sector and a mission to connect talented people to their passions. A big supporter for diversity and inclusion.

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