How Coworking is Making Business Truly Global

Not all companies were born global

Written by Ian R.

2 years ago

Many companies throw in the word “global” when describing themselves, only to refer to the fact that they sell their products internationally, or have offices around the world.  Some coworking spaces, like Mindspace and such, are providing a service that’s connecting businesses and professionals on a far deeper level – through real collaboration. Here’s how…

International by Nature

The types of startups, and enterprises, that choose coworking are almost always international by nature. These are brands looking to present their products on the world stage and have impact on a grand scale. Most of the established companies in coworking spaces will consider their client-base as being completely global. Coworking startups often choose customer niches based open what users are looking for, regardless of where they are located geographically.

Coworking Networks

Leading coworking brands will have multiple locations spread around the world. For example, with a single Mindspace account, you can walk into any location unannounced and spend as long as you want working there, with all the facilities at your fingertips. Then, the next day, fly back home and go back to your “base” office.


Coworking companies offer spaces that are dedicated to long-distance communication and work. From cozy meeting spots to large conference areas, rooms are equipped with high-end video-conferencing tech allowing for instant collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Come and Go, As You Please

The independent nature of coworking spaces induces a feeling of freedom. You decide how and where to spend your time. Want to attend that conference overseas? Looking to do some field research away from home? Need to get away for a few days to refuel? The flexibility of coworking lets you incorporate overseas travel into your life with ease, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Traveling Without Moving

Coworking often leads to international collaboration. As a result, you get the chance to learn about foreign markets, brand localization, and different client mentalities, without having to leave your own town. This can be pivotal for businesses, both big and small, as it leads to completely new insight on products and customer behavior.

Photography: Kfir Harbi

Breaking Down Boundaries is Fun

A healthy coworking space is one that has a lot going on, both in terms of business, and socially. Professional events such as lectures and seminars attract like-minded individuals. These events act as a catalyst, sparking dialogue between people who might not have otherwise made a connection.

Then, there are the fun events like themed happy hours, mind-broadening courses, and physical activities like yoga and pilates. The more relaxed atmosphere of this type of event lets people drop their guard a little and get to know each other beyond the confines of work.




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