How working in a unique space can unlock your imagination and lead you to success

The Psychology of Coworking: Unique Spaces

Written by Eden Baniel

3 years ago

I wake up in the morning, drink a cup of coffee, and proceed to drive to work – each day the same routine. I walk into my office at 9 AM, sit down at my gray cubicle, and begin working on my laptop. Nothing ever really changes – it’s the same mundane job day in and day out. As I work, I become easily distracted, often finding it difficult to stay focused or feel excited about what I’m doing. But I realize it isn’t the work itself that I dislike, it’s the place. Isolated from my coworkers, staring at a blank gray wall which a feeble attempt to decorate resulted in three pictures being awkwardly placed in the space above my computer, and feeling the boredom creep in at every hour. The truth is, I dread being in the office because I feel trapped, as though the inspiration I need simply isn’t accessible to me.

This is how I finally began to appreciate the need for a more interesting and engaging work environment. After having read much about the coworking movement, I decided to visit some coworking spaces to see what it was all about. As I did, I discovered the reason why being somewhere new, with a refreshing and stimulating atmosphere, could allow me to work better.

Here’s how it works: when you find yourself sitting somewhere new, perhaps staring at a painted wall with an intriguing mural on it, or surrounded by interesting or unusual objects that you hadn’t seen before, the creative center of the brain starts to stir. As the mind becomes stimulated by the things around it, a certain level of engagement in one’s surroundings results in new inspirations. However, the opposite can be said, as well. If you are always sitting at the same desk and staring at the same wall like I did, you will be greatly limited in your potential to become engaged by what you see. Unless the painting on your wall is a Monet or a Degas, once you have already absorbed what is in front of you, you may no longer be as captivated by it or as taken with it as you once were.

Murals like this can stir the imagination.

Having the luxury of working in an office that contains multiple spaces to explore, each with their own unique details and designs, can give your brain more power to be inventive. By introducing yourself to new surroundings that contain exotic details, you can enrich your mind and feed your brain with novel concepts and inspirations. This, in turn, can create a cycle of invention by sparking new ideas within an extensive web of thought and imagination.

Create ideas by using interesting spaces around you.

By utilizing a coworking space that allows you both the mobility and the flexibility to explore and examine unfamiliar things, you will be capable of learning more. Therefore, you can grow and evolve more within several distinct spaces. Most offices require their employees to be constricted within one area. This tends to keep individuals isolated from others, unable to share ideas or to enjoy a stimulating conversation, and confined to the same bland designs and surroundings. Shared spaces, however, allow for employees to become acquainted with novelty on a daily basis, and thus result in more inspiration. Inspiration leads to innovation, which leads to success. 

The bottom line? Having unique spaces that serve different utilization purposes can assist in unlocking areas of the mind and leading to the conception of creative thoughts that may never have been conceived before. I can personally say that now that I’ve uncovered the secret to success that some call the coworking movement, I’m never going back. 



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