Our Coworking Space

MINDSPACE gives entrepreneurial-spirited members the freedom to thrive in a collaborative working environment dubbed a ‘co-working space.’ This type of office encompasses gathering a myriad of startups, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes under one roof in a shared environment, which promotes creativity, the creation of a community, and the sharing of ideas.


Tailored to accommodate teams of all sizes, MINDSPACE offers flexible membership plans with options to be set up in either private offices or in shared creative workspaces. But it’s not restricted – your space grows as you grow.


Working alongside a handful of other creatives will drive your early-stage venture forward, and MINDSPACE will be there to help you learn and grow (both physically and spiritually), through professional guidance and access to membership benefits and community events.

The Benefits of Coworking

MINDSPACE was built on the pillars of collaborative working and sharing (we’re firm believers in the fact that sharing is caring). Besides setting you up in a beautifully designed co-working space, membership gives you access to a handful of perks and benefits designed exclusively for our members. Through partnerships with big tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and more, we bring you products and services at steeply discounted prices sure to drive your creative business forward.

Mindspace coworking space

Coworking Space Design

MINDSPACE offices are designed intricately, honing in on aesthetics and design. Its creative workspaces are built to inspire the individuals who choose to call the space their 9-to-5 home, with eclectic art and elements scattered throughout.


Much thought is put into the collaborative workspace design of MINDSPACE offices. Emphasis is placed on infusing local elements into designs while staying true to brand identity; A wholesome, cosmopolitan approach is taken to interior design, with spaces designed to evoke a sense of openness through the incorporation of clear-glass doors and walls rather those which would create a sense of separation.


One thing is for sure, though. Step into any MINDSPACE location worldwide, and you will feel inspired and at home.

Our Success Stories

Word on the street is that MINDSPACE is the place to be. In the midst of a hustling and bustling city, it’s the ultimate place to connect, to share, to learn, to be inspired, and to grow. MINDSPACE serves as a stepping-stone for your early stage startup, giving you access to the ecosystem and support you lacked working solo and need in order to thrive and grow in a dynamic, fast-paced world where competition is fierce.


MINDSPACE has watched companies flourish and grow from stealth mode startups to funded ventures, backed by VC’s or angel investors. Our shared workspaces breed a cooperative environment, exposing members to new opportunities and doubling as a networking hub where you can grow exponentially and give your business an extra boost towards growth

  • Covercy success story
    We entered Mindspace after graduating from the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in June 2015. At that time we already raised a seed investment and started to become operational in Israel. We were 5 employees, 4 in Mindspace and one in our UK office. Today, a year later - June 2016, we are 11 full-time employees in total. We are operational in Israel and in all EU member states including the UK.


    Transfer Money Abroad

  • Nordantech success story
    We checked out numerous office spaces. At first sight, we figured Mindspace could be more than an office for us – we hoped it could be a great partner. Fortunately we were right. Mindspace offers us an ideal workspace for our daily routines and eradicates many stress factors we were dealing with before. Yet, it particularly provides us with a community - sparking ideas on a daily, if not hourly basis.”


    Software Developers

  • Tastillery success story
    For us Mindspace is the perfect cocktail of community and inspiring work atmosphere. The result is a new way of working that we love. Yes we said it, thanks to Mindspace we love coming to work everyday."


    Change the way you Drink

Our Coworking Community

We’ve made it our mission to be more than a 9-to-5 office space, where people pass through daily absentmindedly. MINDSPACE creates an integrated co-working community comprised of hundreds of creative individuals and businesses that are inspired by each other and their surroundings on the daily.


Our staff is dedicated to developing a collaborative environment. Community Managers work hard to plan exclusive members-only events, guest lectures, hands-on workshops, and happy hours to bring members together so that they can share ideas and create bigger and better things. Here’s to long-lasting friendships!

  • Mindspace coworking community management

    community management

  • Mindspace coworking space designed for collaboration

    designed for collaboration

  • Mindspace community events


  • Mindspace community events

    we’re better together