The London Office Market One Year On

Danny Babington

24 June, 2021

I think we can all agree it’s been quite a year. Brutal for many. But as we move into summer here in the UK (finally!) some light seems to be on the horizon. While the media narrative still edges towards the slightly more pessimistic view on things by nature, it seems the flex sector is being rather punchy and optimistic. Mindspace in London certainly has seen a great interest in its design-led coworking environments over 2021. From large corporate occupiers looking for more flexibility and agility, and SMEs just needing to get out of the house again and be inspired by a healthy working environment.

A New Beginning For The Office

I wanted to host a podcast that would bring together a range of voices and opinions within the flex sector that have different products to offer, and also work closely with occupiers. But predominantly with those who have years of experience and have seen the growth of flex first-hand. I had a great time talking with Greg Miley, Head of Growth and Sales at Kitt, and Freddie Case, Director of Enterprise at Kontor, about how they fell into this industry by accident, and how it has evolved and grown more than ever in the last few years. We covered our own personal experiences from “working from home” and the importance of wellbeing and mental health within the workplace, and how operators such as Mindspace and Kitt are working with these new expectations. Hearing Freddie give us an overview of what the end user is after within their office search.

Believe it or not, it’s a good time to talk about the office, and what occupiers expect from it going forward. Leading women in Tech in London talk about it, and in many ways the flexible workplace is becoming a phoenix rising from the ashes, and there’s a lot of comparison with traditional office versus flexible office in London, but that’s always been the case in the flexible office sector – it’s constantly evolving.

We have a whole guide for the best places to hang out in Shoreditch as well as the Hammersmith members in London, members from our London offices on ways to make the world better, and how they are finding it working in the MindSpace offices in London.

The London flex market is ferocious in its competitiveness, but equally rich with personality. From a personal view I have made some wonderful friends for life because of the flex market. And I am delighted to say two of them have took part in this podcast. Thank you Greg and Freddie. And to those of you tuning in, I hope you enjoy the listen.


MindSpace have flexible office spaces in both Hammersmith and Shoreditch. and we keep having events, such as marking Black History Month in London.

About the author

Danny Babington has over 14 years experience in the flexible workspace sector. His current role as Broker & Agent Relations Manager is to support Mindspace's ever growing portfolio within the large broker and agent market, focusing on London and supporting Mindspace globally.

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