Mindspace Opens Two New Locations in Israel: Kiryat Ono and Park Ofer HaCarmel


3 October, 2022

Mindspace Park Ofer HaCarmel in Melisron’s new building near Haifa will be a unique workspace, spanning 3,804 sq m. over a whole floor and will include 610 workstations. A second new Mindspace branch, in Kiryat Ono, will include 543 workstations over three floors with an area of 3,341 sq m.

Dan Zakai, CEO of Mindspace commented: “We are witnessing a strong demand for the flexible work model throughout the country; Mindspace provides the ideal solution for companies that respond quickly and efficiently to the frequent changes in the labor market.”

Mindspace, the global boutique flex office provider is accelerating its global and local expansion strategy and opening two new branches, one in the Carmel region near Haifa and the other in the city of Kiryat Ono. The two new locations are expected to open in the first half of 2023, adding to the recently launched Mindspace locations in Tel Aviv and Yakum, and future locations opening in Raanana and Petah Tikva.

The new Mindspace Park Ofer HaCarmel will open in Melisron’s Park Ofer HaCarmel hi-tech park and will include 610 workstations, which will be spread over 3,804 sq m. The park is strategically located at the southern entrance to the major northern Israeli city of Haifa. Mindspace Park Ofer HaCarmel will be the second location in partnership with Melisron, after Petah Tikva, under a model that combines minimal lease fees and a revenue sharing agreement.

Park Ofer HaCarmel, owned by Melisron, is located in Tirat HaCarmel, close to the city of Haifa and major national highways. It covers an area of 7.6 hectares of which 75,000 sq m. is reserved for offices and commerce. Recently, the construction of the third building in the park was completed with an investment of approximately NIS 200 million, and 86% of it has already been leased, with the rest of the available space in advanced negotiations. The building covers about 23,000 sq m., of which 22,000 sq m. are for offices, 1,000 sq m. for commerce, plus about 250 parking spaces. The Park Ofer HaCarmel complex is located near Matam Haifa Park, a major bus station and “Hof HaCarmel” train station. 

Shai Weinberg, Deputy CEO of Melisron and CEO of Real Estate and Office Initiation commented: “Adding Mindspace locations to Melisron’s office parks represents a significant upgrade for the companies renting space at our projects, and we are excited to be adding a spacious new Mindspace complex in the Ofer HaCarmel business park. Mindspace’s flexible workspaces give our customers, and employees in the park, a unique working environment, while expanding and diversifying the use of the property.

We anticipate that the new location will also benefit the permanent tenants in the high-tech park, by allowing them to grow and expand in a flexible and modular manner. The new Mindspace site will also give temporary tenants an opportunity to get to know the park and the benefits it offers to its residents. The inclusion of Mindspace in the building is great news for the region and demonstrates the continued trend of stability in the office rental market.”

“Haifa is in an impressive growth spurt when it comes to the establishment of new companies and the expansion of companies away from the center of Israel,” notes the CEO of Mindspace, Dan Zakai, because when you leave the center there are fewer creative solutions for the demands of the current workplace market. “I am happy that all our new premises offer flexible work environments and enable companies to provide quality solutions to their employees”.

The new location in Kiryat Ono will span three floors, over an area of 3,341 sq m. and will include 543 workstations. This branch is located at 12 HaDuvdevan St., and is part of a business and trade complex in a business park, including two five-story buildings with a total area of 16,000 sq m. intended for offices, trade and recreation. In the vicinity of the complex are many restaurants such as Zozobra, Bar Italia and Shi-Shi and chains such as Noi Sheda and Tiv Taam.

Mindspace Kiryat Ono, will be located on the 3rd and 4th floors and part of the 1st floor of the building. The geographical proximity to Sheba Hospital (Tel Hashomer) makes it a preferred destination for companies and startups in the pharmaceutical and medtech fields. Moreover, Kiryat Ono is characterized by mainly residential buildings with less real estate for offices. The opening of Mindspace’s new branch will meet the demand from companies operating in the area, for which the current supply is insufficient.

“The launch of the Haifa and Kiryat Ono branches continues the momentum of Mindspace’s growth and expansion in Israel and globally,” said Zakai. “With the opening of the Mindspace location in Kibbutz Yakum in the south of the Sharon region at the beginning of the year, and the Petah Tikva branch that will open to customers in about two months, we are continuing the trend of geographic dispersion in Israel to respond to the growing demand throughout the country.

The flexible work model throughout the country, in which Mindspace specializes, is the ideal solution for companies that are required to respond quickly and efficiently to the frequent changes in the labor market. The expression of trust from our customers, with occupancy reaching almost 100% at Mindspace locations around the world, is the best evidence of our success in the market.”

Mindspace’s flexible workspace solution completely eliminates the concern companies have about committing to a long-term lease, giving them the ability to work in a hybrid manner and enabling them to respond to any change quickly, whether scaling up or downsizing, on a monthly basis. So, for example, a company that employs 50 employees, only half of whom are in the office at any given time, can rent a workspace for half of the workforce and thereby significantly reduce rental costs.

Mindspace is at the forefront of the flex space market and is characterized by its boutique design aesthetic, premium customer service and pampering benefits, offering its customers flexible options ranging from monthly, daily, and even hourly contracts. Against the background of the growing demand for flexible work spaces from large enterprises, medium-sized companies and startups, Mindspace reports a global occupancy of almost 100%.

About Melisron

Melisron, controlled by Ofer Investments and managed by Leora Ofer (Chairman) and Ofir Sharid (CEO), is a company that specializes in the establishment, holding and management of shopping malls, office complexes and high-tech parks branded under the name “Ofer” and is one of the leading companies in Israel in this field. As of the end of the second quarter of 2022, the company owns and manages 27 profitable properties with a total area of about 872,000 sq m. plus 26,000 parking spaces. The rental areas have high occupancy rates of about 98.5%. Among Melisron’s main properties are: Ofer Ramat Aviv, Ofer Karion, Ofer Grand Mall in Beer-Sheva, Ofer Grand Mall Haifa, Ofer Rehovot, Ofer Grand Mall Petah Tikva, Ofer Billo Center outlet, Ofer Park Petah Tikva East, Ofer Park Petah Tikva West and more. Melisron recently acquired 50% of Aviv Izom, a company specializing in residential initiation and construction and urban renewal projects .

About Mindspace

Mindspace is a boutique flex space provider, presenting a global mindset with a local flavor. Mindspace redefines the workplace experience for companies of all sizes. The beautifully designed spaces, personalized level of service and carefully curated events enhance employee engagement and build a strong sense of community, accommodating the way people work, innovate and grow. Mindspace’s customer base includes blue-chip companies, enterprises and SMBs, in 40 locations, 20 cities and 7 countries across Europe and the US. Along with startups and small companies, Mindspace is home to corporations and large companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, Techstars accelerator, Barclays Bank, Taboola, GoPro, Playtika and Klarna.

Property companies Mindspace works with include JTLV, REIT1, Rubenstein Partners, Patrizia, Rogomin, and Tidhar. For further information please visit Mindspace.me, or follow Mindspace on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Mindspace is a boutique flex space provider, presenting a global mindset with a local flavor. We serve companies in 45 prime locations across Europe, Israel and the US.

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