Millennials Are All the Rage 

Leeyha Laor

10 September, 2019

Attracting millennials to your company; everyone is talking about it, but how can you make sure your company is really doing it.

A modern workforce is increasingly being defined as one with millennial talent. According to the latest research from the Pew Research Center, millennials account for 35 percent of the American workforce, which is the largest generation working, as of 2017. Millennials offer a whole host of benefits that companies can leverage, and there is an art to attract the best of the bunch.

how to attract millennials to work for you

Benefits of Hiring Millennial Talent

Hiring millennial talent comes with several advantages. Millennials work to enhance your company’s branding. When you hire millennial talent, you’re hiring a team of individuals who are also more knowledgeable and proficient in technology. They look beyond tradition and help innovate new ways to get things done while handling multiple projects at the same time.

How to Bring Millennials to Your Business

Recruiting millennials calls for more than just posting a new career opportunity on a job board. You have to combine both practical and innovative ways to reach the millennial audience. Here are some modern ways to attract millennials to be a part of your workforce:

  • Get Social. Go beyond typical social media professional sites or social media sites where they may get their news, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Get them where they hang and consider social media sites, such as Instagram or even Twitch. Dig deeper by searching hashtag s, such as #freelancer or #NAJ (need a job). You can also try searching for forums or subgroups on LinkedIn or Facebook. You can even use videos on social media to recruit millennials who are finishing up their final year in college.
  • Prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility. Millennials are hyper-aware of what is going on around them and want to work for companies that prioritize corporate social responsibility. indicates that millennials not only expect companies to publicly pledge to social responsibility but are even willing to receive a reduction in pay to work with companies that do.
  • Lure Millennials With Millennials. While this may not be a novel idea, it’s often overlooked as an effective strategy to attract a millennial workforce. Consider throwing a networking event spearheaded by millennials for millennials.

getting millennials to work for you

  • Show Them Your Business Culture. Millennials want to see what it’s really like to work on the job at your company before they make a commitment. Use your company’s social media account as a way to demonstrate how your company cultivates a positive company culture.
  • Offer Modern-Day Benefits that Matter. Millennials value the flexibility that extends beyond your office building. Consider offering compensation for telecommuting, such as providing assistance for funding co-working spaces. You can also offer unlimited vacation or compensate for ride-share services.

Companies Making a Millennial Workforce a Reality

Goldman Sachs. From targeted ads to data mining, Goldman Sachs is leveraging technology to find and attract the best millennial talent on the market. The company runs ads that last 10 seconds on Snapchat and even features video testimonials from analysts on its career site.

MindspaceWhile Mindspace isn’t a typical enterprise, it offers what millennials are looking for when it comes to convenience and a positive company culture. Mindspace is helping human resources departments to attract millennial talent while saving on time and expenses. Member companies get to take advantage of a space, from coworking in Wynwood to event spaces in London, that not only offers a platform for hosting networking events and a place to meet but one that also offers convenience, too. Millennials can take advantage of happy hours, workshops, wellness classes, get fresh coffee and even food for their dogs right in one central location.

Whether you’re spearheading an aging company or are in charge of a business that’s targeted a millennial audience, you can take advantage of the benefits that hiring millennial talent brings. From a new perspective on how to operate to innovative ideas for product and service offerings, millennials stand to help diversify the workforce and improve your brand.

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VP Human Resources at Mindspace. Leeyha is our people person, with expertise working with rapidly growing companies. Before Mindspace, she was VP HR at Payoneer for 8 years and has held various HR roles at tech companies.

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