The Do’s & Don’ts of a Facebook Campaign

We broke down what makes a Facebook campaign good or bad– so that you won’t have to. Take notes.

Written by Ottavia Tomarchio

3 years ago

In our times, we consume social media more than anything – it is not only the first thing we turn to for updates in the morning, but also our sidekick companion throughout the day. iPhones have even become a staple on the lunch table, securing a spot next to the traditional fork and knife on-the-daily.  But social media is not only essential to our private life, but also in our professional sphere. Knowing the right tricks to handling social media is a make-it-or-break-it when it comes to managing an online marketing campaign.

So what do you do when you lack the skills or don’t know the tricks? Why, ask an expert of course! But lucky for you, we’ve got you covered. We asked the experts – so that you wouldn’t have to. Below, find the 3 do’s and don’ts to managing a successful campaign.



1. Don’t Use the Boost Button

You heard it here first: Absolutely do not use this often-tempting-to-press button. Why? Because using it often expands reach to users that are irrelevant to you – including fake accounts and accounts of users who do not speak the language of your target audience. The reason? Using the boost button means sacrificing your ability to choose the target language. A big no-no indeed if you want to maintain your relevance.



2. Don’t Refer Anyone to Your Website Without a Tracking Pixel

A tracking pixel tracks a user’s movement following an ad-click. This is your way of tracking if he converts, leaves immediately, engages, or not. The tracking pixel is your key to understanding how effective a campaign really is. On top of that, make sure to integrate third-party tracking parameters – such as UTM parameters for Google Analytics – into your ad.


3.  Don’t Limit Yourself to Only One Creative

By limiting your campaign to one creative medium, you’re assuming that every consumer takes in images the same way. This assumption is flat out wrong. The best alternate approach is to create two ads with differing images and distribute them to the same target group. This way, you’ll get a 50-50 delivery and will be able to understand which of the two images works better to get the message across.




1. Do Comment on Every Single Customer Reaction

Make an effort to comment on every single reaction from a customer to your campaign – even if their reaction is as simple as “I like this.” That way, you prove how attuned you are to your audience. Good customer service includes reacting even to those comments that are negative or hateful. And you should abstain from deleting negative comments unless they include racist, insulting, or degrading slurs.  Do not delete any ordinary customer complaint – this will only backfire on your campaign.


2. Do Post Only Twice a Week

Don’t overdo the Facebook posting. Limit yourself to two-posts a week per-campaign. No more. By doing this, you’ll be able to destress (yourself) and not have to deal with the pressure of coming up with a great idea every day. And you’ll ensure that you’re not over-spamming your customer. Posting more infrequently lets you focus on quality over quantity, and ensures the organic growth and reach of the posts that do see light of day.



3. Do Put Money Behind Every Single Post

Invest monetarily in every one of your posts. Even if it’s just €5 – because this is what gets your post moving. Organic reach is really tough in this day and age – and by investing in your campaign, Facebook will give your post that extra boost it’d be lacking organically.



So there you have it folks – the most important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when launching a Facebook campaign. Who can you thank for these tips? One of Mindspace Hamburg’s members: Farschid Eshaghmohammadi. Farschid is a consultant who deals with everything in the social-media and online sphere – from project-management to online marketing. Since March, he’s grown his company from a one-man show to a three-person-company. He was actually Mindspace Harmburg’s first contracted member. But what drew him to the space?


“What I love here is that you are able to walk into other people’s offices, and chit chat,” he says. “It’s improving from month to month, as people are starting to be more open. Plus, I enjoy the work that Community Managers are putting in – the events, the happy hours, spontaneous joint-lunches and breakfasts—it creates a community, which, when you’re here, you really grow to enjoy.”


Asked about what makes Mindspace unconventional, he says, “first –the networking,” and on-top of that, the “increased creativity in the workflow,” stimulated by the open and creative work-environment.


Three Funny Things that Make You, You?

We asked Farschid to tell us just what three funny things make him unique:

1. “I can never enter a door first – if there are other people around, I must always hold the door and wait as they pass by and enter.”

2. “I love to dance while working. When I am here alone at night, you can catch me working while standing up and dancing. I am, what I call, a DANCE WORKER.”

3. “I know the lyrics of ‘I Will Survive’ from beginning to end. Don’t know why.”


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