5 fun facts you must know about Mindspace Tel Aviv

Because we figure there’s always something new to learn

Written by Mindspace

8 months ago

Check out five things we bet you didn’t know (and probably want to know) about Mindspace Tel Aviv:

1. The Merger You Didn’t Know About: Two Mindspace-based companies once merged into one. Quite the business development opportunity if you ask us…


2. We’re BYOD* Friendly: All Mindspace branches are dog friendly. So why leave man’s best friend at home when he can be tail-wagging by your side all day long?




3. Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter: Our Ahad Ha’am building has a gym and membership is included in your monthly fee. That means we both save you money on a personal gym subscription, and leave you with no excuses to not work out.




4. Happy Hours are Aplenty: Our last Happy Hour featured fine dutch cheese and wine – so don’t mind us if we get a bit too bougie. We like to spoil and ring in the weekend early (on Thursdays) with booze and treats.


Profiteroles for Lunch 🙂 #happyhour @mindspace.me @r2m_tlv #creampuff

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5. The Membership that Keeps on Giving: Being a Mindspace member grants you a handful of discounts in Tel Aviv’s finest restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafes. And new offers are constantly rolling in.



*Bring your own dog

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