Research from Global Workplace Provider Mindspace Reveals Employee Concerns of Hybrid Work


28 June, 2021

Poll states nearly 40% of UK employees are back in the office 4 or 5 days a week despite the option of remote work still in place

LONDONJune 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mindspace, the global flex space provider active in 32 locations worldwide, today announced the results of a new survey of over 2,000 UK workers showing that while a majority are ready to embrace a hybrid work model, there are fears about how it will impact the office environment. Conducted by Vital Research earlier this month, the poll also highlights some of the effects of working from home for several months, with a third of UK workers feeling less connected to their colleagues and their company.

The survey informs of split opinions on hybrid work models:

  • A majority (39%) are keen to embrace a hybrid approach, with a clear divide of 25% preferring to continue working from home everyday and 22% looking forward to returning to the office everyday.
  • While close to a third of workers believe a hybrid approach offers the best of both worlds (30%), many expressed concerns around the office environment changing (27%), that those going every day will be favoured by employees and superiors (26%) and that they will no longer have a dedicated office space (19%).

Other key findings include:

  • 55% are going into the office at least one day a week, 15% are going in every day, with 22% working remotely every day.
  • 38% of those surveyed think their company will continue with a hybrid approach this year, 8% until the end of 2022, 13% believe their company will continue with it forever and 22% state their company is undecided on how long they will implement it for.
  • After over a year of working from home, 33% already feel less connected to their colleagues and companies, with 19% believing it has affected how creative they can be.

“The hybrid work model appears to be prevailing for the majority of companies in the UK and globally, yet it’s not without its challenges as employers are tasked with handling a myriad of preferences amongst their employees, highlighting the need for a higher level of flexibility,” says Mindspace CEO and co-founder Dan Zakai. “It’s not surprising to see that many workers are choosing to go back to the office for most or all of the week, having spent so much time away from colleagues – collaboration and connection between employees are critical, both of which are best conducted face to face. Many businesses are finding it extremely difficult to forecast their future office requirements which is why flexible spaces such as ours provide a much needed low risk, amenity-centric solution. Mindspace launched a variety of hybrid solutions in April 2021 including daily and multi-access passes that have incurred significant increase in sales from May to June 2021, with a 49% increase globally and 22% increase in the UK.”

Providing office solutions to a broad and varied range of businesses, of which around 40% are enterprises and 38% are SMBs and startups, Mindspace tenants include Microsoft, Samsung, Yahoo, Expedia, Tidal, GoPro, Barclays Bank, Hyundai, and Techstars Accelerator.

Mindspace today counts 32 locations in 17 cities and 7 countries across EuropeIsrael, and the US, recently opening Mindspace La Guardia in Tel Aviv and their third US location in the historic landmark The Wanamaker Building in Philadelphia. The operator has also recently expanded one of its Berlin locations and has announced another location launch in Israel for 2021, underlining the continuation of its growth.

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Mindspace is a boutique flex space operator, presenting a global mindset with a local flavor. We redefine the workplace experience for companies of all sizes. Our beautifully designed spaces, personalized level of service and carefully curated events foster enhanced employee engagement and a strong sense of community, accommodating the way people work, innovate and grow. Our customer base includes blue-chip companies, enterprises and SMBs, in 32 locations, 17 cities and 7 countries across Europe and the US. For further information, please visit or LinkedInTwitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Mindspace is a boutique flex space provider, presenting a global mindset with a local flavor. We serve companies in 45 prime locations across Europe, Israel and the US.

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