Mindspace named among magazine F5’s ‘Best Coworking Spaces in Warsaw’


16 November, 2019

November 16th, 2019

It is said that 2020 will be a breakthrough for coworking spaces. It is not only salvation for freelancers, but also a workplace used by corporations. Which will inspire with creative space and allow you to focus when there is a deadline? We are starting a new cycle: Warsaw goes first.

This is where the most coworking spaces are located – about 70 percent. of all such areas in Poland. And they are coming quickly. No wonder.

Working in coworking spaces is more pleasant and, above all, more effective.

It’s not distracted by colleagues from the open space or crying children, a humming coffee machine and people’s conversations if we perform our work in a cafe. It is also easier to motivate – when working from home, washing or dishwasher settings often have priority over tasks. In addition, in a coworking space you can make interesting relationships and exchange experiences with people not necessarily working in the same industry.

The driving force behind the development of flexible offices was precisely the thought of the community and local community.

Strong competition, on the other hand, requires the spaces to stand out with something.

Good location, interesting design, access to daylight and functionality are just some of the features of an ideal coworking space.

Which Warsaw spaces meet these criteria? Here are our five most interesting coworking spaces in terms of design.


Hala Koszyki has been chosen as the first Mindspace coworking space in Poland.

The space takes up almost 5.5 thousand. sqm on three floors – each floor has a different style, but they are united by one atmosphere.

It may be a bit hipster in a Warsaw coworking space, but at the same time homely and original.

Aesthetes will enjoy a lot of visual pleasure in the interior: designer carpets, vintage chests of drawers, beautiful lamps, a vinyl turntable and graphics by Polish and foreign artists. The whole is completed by bikes suspended on the wall.

It is not only an original decoration – members can borrow them at any time to get their bodies moving after hours spent at the desk.

Importantly, especially in winter, when every ray of sunshine is worth its weight in gold – in many rooms there are skylights in the ceiling and tilt windows, providing a lot of natural light.

PS. You can come with your pet!

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