Mindspace Becomes a Hothouse for AI Research

For successful enterprises like Booking.com and Siemens, and artificial intelligence startups like Artificial Labs and StatusToday, co-working spaces such as Mindspace are the future-ready alternative to the traditional office

Written by Mindspace

2 years ago

The rise of artificial intelligence within the tech ecosystem is set to reinvent the way we work, and it is fitting to see so many companies placing their development centres within the progressive walls of Mindspace, the global provider of inspiring co-working spaces. Booking.com, one of the largest travel e-commerce companies in the world and a digital technology leader, has chosen Mindspace as the home for its Research and Development team dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning innovation. It is the latest addition to Mindspace’s advancing community of AI departments from leading companies, including Siemens, Artificial Lab and Status Today.

“When we started looking for the perfect spot for our new development center in Tel Aviv, we envisioned an inviting and collaborative environment in the heart of the city, and Mindspace was able to deliver on that,” said Steven Morrison, Senior Product Owner at Booking.com. “At this new dedicated research and learning space, we plan to tap into the region’s deep pool of talent to explore how machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as other new and emerging technologies can fuel future innovations in travel. So having the right set-up that inspires imagination and experimentation is key.”

Growing rapidly, Mindspace’s global community consists of a vast and dynamic range of forward-thinking companies to work alongside, which makes it easier to cooperate, as well as organize or attend workshops, test ideas and inspire concepts. Mindspace currently operates 16 locations in Europe and Israel, and will expand throughout Europe and to the U.S. in 2018. Mindspace sets to open two locations in London’s Whitechapel on the 11th December and Shoreditch in April, 2018.

Artificial Labs is a start-up located at Mindspace Koszyki in Warsaw and builds groundbreaking artificial intelligence tools for insurers of all sizes that allow them to operate faster, more efficiently and more accurately. CTO, Artur Kisiolek, said: “Mindspace presents an ideal setting for us to develop technologies that divert from old practices. It is exciting to be part of this diverse network of companies and the atmosphere here inspires us to work with greater speed, thrill and creativity.”

Another start-up, StatusToday, will set up shop at Mindspace Whitechapel in London next month to develop its cutting-edge solution that transforms the understanding of human behavior within organizations. It is an employee insights platform that helps companies simplify team management and understand people risks using behavioral AI.

German conglomerate, Siemens also placed two innovation teams at Mindspace in Munich: Siemens’ Intelligent Traffic Systems Digital Lab and the Siemens AI Research Lab. Dr. Claus Beringer, head of the innovative pioneers from Siemens Mobility explains his new venue decision: “Within a new office environment we are able to break the mold – outside of the familiar Siemens system. So our teams innovate even faster – just like startups. We develop new data-driven solutions and business models for Siemens, and Mindspace provides us with the flexibility and the perfect setting to think outside the box. Our teams, which include many Millennials, simply love it here and it’s certainly a plus to attract new talent to join us.”

Large enterprises are increasingly obtaining private offices alongside startups within Mindspace for their innovation ventures. Rather than working in a conventional headquarters setting, teams opt for a more flexible and agile manner of working – tapping into diverse sources of creativity and connecting with other driven and inventive companies and individuals. For successful enterprises like Booking.com and Siemens, and artificial intelligence startups like Artificial Labs and StatusToday, co-working spaces such as Mindspace are the future-ready alternative to the traditional office.

Dan Zakai, co-founder and CEO of Mindspace, said “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are revolutionizing entire industries. We are fortunate to bring together, under our global community, both leading enterprises and cutting-edge startups that invest in these futuristic technologies, and to provide them with the innovative infrastructure to collaborate and achieve greatness.”



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