Meet Dana Riklis – Director of Human Resources at Mindspace

We sat down with Dana Riklis, HR Director at Mindspace HQ, to discuss diverse topics such as HR trends, the future of work, Mindspace's work culture and recruitment process, and more.

Written by Mindspace

10 months ago

Hi Dana. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you come to Mindspace, where did you work previously?

My name is Dana Riklis and I am the HR Director at Mindspace. I am 35 years old and I have over 10 years of experience in the HR field. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in economics, as well as an M.B.A. which specialized in consulting and management in HR. Previously I worked for almost 4 years in an automation company as the HR manager for over two hundred employees globally. The company was based in Israel and the U.S. I really enjoyed my experience with that company, but after giving birth to my first child, I decided to respectfully part ways with them and search for a new challenge. I wanted to get some new experience and do something that was out of my comfort zone to help me grow. That is when I heard from a friend about Mindspace, when it was just a year old and a small company of 12 employees. They were searching for someone to establish the HR infrastructure in the company and this was the type of challenge I was looking for. I found it really intriguing to join this type of growing company in a growing field (coworking) and overall, it was a really good fit for me.

What makes for the ideal Mindspace candidate? What values and skills are important?

Many very well-rounded and impressive candidates show interest and apply to Mindspace. An ideal candidate for Mindspace would be someone that is very ambitious and is interested and knowledgeable about the coworking industry. Someone who seeks to be part of a coworking environment. We are searching for people who want to conquer the world. People who believe in the product and the industry and who want to contribute to Mindspace’s growth. We look for candidates who are very open-minded, flexible, and at the top of their game in their field. We believe that our employees should match the same high-level quality that our product has.

How would you describe the Mindspace culture?

Mindspace culture is very unique and distinct. You can enter any Mindspace site and quickly see and feel the Mindspace DNA. We are a very open-minded, flexible, supportive, professional, and creative community. Each and every day you find yourself surrounded by very ambitious, hard-working, and talented people. We all share the same goals and want to take part in the success of the company because we truly believe in the product and in the coworking way of life. I believe that Mindspace has a relatively non-hierarchical structure, which allows employees to be more independent and have more responsibility when completing their tasks. We stray away from micromanagement and put trust in the employee’s abilities.

What is your favorite thing about working at Mindspace?

When working for Mindspace you will find that you have challenges every day. Challenges that push and motivate you to overcome them. Embedded in the company’s DNA, is this strong commitment to working to grow and overcome challenges. For me, it’s having the ability to work in an environment that allows and encourages us to take initiative, present our ideas, and take ownership in our field. Each new idea and perspective is considered and examined, regardless of your position in the company. For me, this is very important and it provides a nurturing and supportive company culture.

What’s unique about working at Mindspace?

Although over the past 4 years Mindspace has rapidly grown to a company of over two hundred people, you can still see that the Mindspace community is a close-knit family. Despite being spread across 7 countries, there is still a great connection between the global employees. We all know each other and support one another. This connection makes our employees more eager to come to work every morning, knowing that this is the atmosphere that surrounds them.

How does Mindspace typically recruit talent around the world?

Mindspace has worked hard to be known as a high quality, leading brand. From the start, when we publish a new open position, we receive many impressive CV’s sent to our recruitment team. People are already familiar with the brand and are aware that Mindspace is a very good company to work for. If we are looking to fill a specific position, with a very specific candidate, then we are experts at using Linkedin to recruit new talent. We have a very high response rate from potential candidates that we reach out to on Linkedin. If we face a challenge filling a particular role, we may use recruitment agencies. Today, we use recruitment agencies for less than 5% of all of our recruiting efforts. Glassdoor is also a great tool for people to use when they are deciding if they would like to apply to Mindspace. Glassdoor is the most recognized platform for employees to give reviews and feedback on their employers and the company. We are proud to say that we have a very high score as well as positive feedback on that platform.

What HR trends do you foresee? What does the future of work look like?

For the last few years, the welfare of the company has been a very crucial part of the recruiting process, and in developing and establishing the brand worldwide. Thus the push for HR teams and companies has been to put all of their focus and money into employee welfare to attract new talent. The thought is that as you improve your workers’ welfare, top talent will be increasingly interested in working for you. Although welfare remains an important factor, I think the trend is shifting towards focusing on nurturing your employees in every aspect, to retain them for longer and to have higher employee retention. This nurturing includes: identifying the employees’ skills and strengths, and encouraging them to show and utilize them, making room for promotion opportunities, and helping them grow. The goals are shifting in order to better retain millennials in companies.

Any interesting insights/anecdotes from your time at Mindspace?

When I first came to Mindspace, a formal HR team was not yet present, so I needed to establish many aspects and develop the HR department. In the first year and a half that I worked at Mindspace, we recruited over 100 employees. The company grew over 10 times in such a short period of time. There were many challenges along the way and I learned a lot about how to properly and successfully grow an international company. It is necessary to understand the market in each country we enter, to adapt and adjust to their culture and needs. All of my experiences, challenges, and successes have shaped the way our HR team functions. Being part of a fast-paced, growing company teaches you how to deal with managing and maintaining a very high-quality product. All in all, it has been an incredible journey thus far.  

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