Whether you want to rent a gorgeous space for an hour or two, or roll out a fully catered dinner or party with a music act, Mindspace is the perfect place for your next event.

our locations

Mindspace Nicolaas Beetsstraat

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 216-222, 3511 HG Utrecht

Max capacity: 35

Operating hours: Mon - Fri From 9am onwards

the specs

Event space size

˜55 sqm

Max. Capacity

35 people

Min. hours to rent

1 hours

Operating hours

Mon - Fri From 9am onwards

More details

Closed private space, high-end design with a modern touch, wide lounge area and kitchen available on the entrance floor

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Need to host something special? Our locations worldwide can cater to your exact needs. From amenities to catering and even to providing props, we can help you set up for your big event.

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