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Find your dream office:

Find your dream office

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Innovative and inspirational workplace, a place your team would love

Introduce your team to a new kind of office, full of inspiration, designed to keep their motivation rocket high. At our unique workspaces, where collaborative architecture meets local art, your employees will thrive and hiring will become easier.

Flexibility to grow your team

Our co-working offering is super flexible. Start with a team of any size, then grow it at your pace and we’ll take care of space and everything else. If occasionally you need to scale down, that’s possible too, all in a short-term notice. Get the space that fits your needs across the various stages of the project.

Expand your team and recruit the best local talent

Looking to expand? Look no further! Just pick an office at one of our prime locations, and enjoy easy access with public transportation and lots of benefits. Local talent would love to work for you at our inspiring workspace!

Plug & Play - No Setup Required, Focus on Your Project

Go conquer the world!  Our fully-furnished offices are set up and ready so you and your team can start working and innovating right away. We provide all your IT needs, ultra-fast internet, cleaning, and a fully-stocked kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about the office and mundane maintenance tasks.

Easy Access to Innovators and Freelancers

Get access to the best pool of professionals ready to collaborate with your company. Our community is home to businesses of different fields – graphic designers and product managers, software developers and marketing experts – all eager to collaborate and create with you.

Privacy and Network Security to Meet Your Needs

Your privacy and confidentiality are important to us. While you enjoy our thriving co-working community, you also have your dedicated office space, meeting rooms and private phone booths, as well as our help in configuring VPNs and Private Servers.

Culture and Atmosphere Included and Upgraded!

Our Community Managers organize weekly themed happy hours, events for holidays, and parties on special occasions, and arrange tons of benefits for our members. Develop your team with lectures and workshops at our events space, and feel free to give back to the community by contributing lessons from your own knowledge and experience. When it comes to networking, expect the unexpected at Mindspace.

Facilities and Amenities as if You’re in Silicon Valley

Enjoy our comfortable lounges, fully-stocked kitchens, gym, and a 24/7 access to the office, so you and your team can work whenever suits you best, even through the night or during weekends. Whenever you need a break, you’ll find a place at our space that is just perfect.

Enjoy Cost Benefits

Keep your CFO happy with a 20-40% costs reduction compared to renting a regular office. Avoid any setup costs and overheads in getting a place for your team, don’t worry about furniture, interior design, office cleaning, city taxes, and management fees. Everything’s included. And since it’s a month-to-month flexible contract, your place at Mindspace doesn’t go on your company’s balance sheet and doesn’t trouble the CFO.

Services Beyond All Expectations

We know how hectic life is when you’re trying to change the world. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to take care of all your needs. Mindspace prouds itself in offering the best personal service to its members. Our team of local Community Managers are there for you, care for you, and do everything they can for your success.

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