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Written by Sara Martin Mazorra

3 months ago

Amsterdam as we know it has been through many changes, and this is reflected in its quirky street names. They reveal a complex history of forgotten canals and a maritime trade. The meandering network of waterways has given way to buzzing streets overflowing with bikes, trams, and people enjoying the old city center.

On one of these streets sits the Mindspace House, which is in fact, two adjacent warehouses with a typical Amsterdam silhouette that date back to the 17th century –  when they were used as trading storage during the booming years of the Golden Age.

The two spaces are Amsterdam through and through, from their quirky crooked facades to the labyrinthine corridors, this space is something quite different to any Mindspace location you’ve ever seen before. Here, winding staircases lead to spacious private offices, the ground floor lounge overlooks a verdant courtyard and rumor has it that there’s a secret attic lounge that offers one of the best views over good ol’ Amsterdam.

This particular location is perfect for teams that enjoy all the benefits a traditional coworking space offers, but that value the extra privacy that is unique at Mindspace House. Due to its construction, the offices are separated by traditional brick walls and long corridors separate each space, creating a more sheltered office experience.

We met up with some of our members to ask them how they get around the Mindspace House.

“Our team likes the lively work culture, design and events that come with coworking, but we need quiet spaces to work as well. That’s where the real doors and walls at Mindspace House come in handy” says Rixt Herklots, Operational Directeur at The Next Women. “It’s important for us to be surrounded by creative, like-minded businesses. On the other side, we are very attached to quiet and calm workspaces.”

For photographer Sanne Nadine Hess, no day looks the same. When looking for a new workspace, she needed open spaces where she could meet colleagues an invite clients, but also enough quiet spaces as well.

“It looks stunning and cozy, I have 24-7 access, I can invite clients, I love my desk, it’s super centrally located. I love that I don’t experience it as a ‘workspace’. It’s a super cozy place that just happens to be my workspace.”

Curious to see more? Join the community at Mindspace House and get a taste of what it’s like to live the Amsterdam life.

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