A Week at Mindspace: Events

Being a Mindspace Member has a lot more to it than regular office life. Walk a week in a member’s shoes and get a taste of just some of the fun, fascinating and thought-provoking events offered to our members on a weekly basis.

Written by Maayan Samuni

1 year ago


Microsoft office hours-

A special offer for the Mindspace community! Starting at 11 am we offer one-on-one office hours with Microsoft Cloud architect – X-Globe. Members are able to discuss topics such as data Platforms, apps services, AI (machine learning, cognitive services, bots), IoT, microservices & serverless, SQL database, API’s, and more.

ADTech & Mobile marketing startups-

At 6:30 pm on the roof: Mindspace hosted the German-Israeli Startup Exchange Program (GISEP) in their AdTech & Mobile Marketing Reception to discuss their goal; connecting the startup ecosystems of Germany and Israel. Tanja Hutt from the German Embassy and Oliver M. Wimmeroth from Ströer Mobile Performance GmbH/ Venista Ventures GmbH & Co. KG was present as speakers, as well as GISEP Ambassadors Ron Alpar and Kevin Baxpehler, and Charme Rykower from the AHK Israel / German-Israeli Chamber of Industry & Commerce. Not only was I able to get quality information right from the source, but I was also able to chat and network with them and others after the lecture.

(The German Israeli Startup Exchange Program (GISEP) is an initiative by the German Startups Association (GSA) supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). As part of the Innovation Agenda of the BMWi, the GISEP seeks to support both German and Israeli companies in their efforts to not only understand but ultimately also tap into the other country’s market. The GISEP facilitate access to the German market for Israeli startups and vice versa. )

Documentary creators forum (making a great trailer)- 

At 7:00 pm in the Auditorium: For all the artistic and justice-seeking souls out there interested in the challenging task of documentary making, this is an event for you. Mindspace hosted The New Fund for Cinema and TV (NFCT), which is the leading Israeli film fund dedicated to supporting and promoting Israeli cinema, with a special focus on documentary films. The artistic director of NFCT, Ron Goldman, came to speak about the organization as well as giving tips and video examples about how to make a great documentary trailer that will catch the foundation’s eye and get you that grant. This is a highly interesting topic to learn about even if you’re in a field far from cinema, but for those working in this world, this event might give you access to information that could make or break your career.

Pilates Class (weekly)-

As part of the Wellness program, Mindspace offers Pilates class weekly and free with your membership! The class is open to all levels and our certified instructors will guide you through exercises that enliven, recharge, and activate your body, but also your mind. Classes are conveniently held in the same building at the end of the workday. If you’re looking to unwind, de-stress, and get your body moving after many hours at a desk then this is the perfect solution.


Supergirls Meetup-

This is a  fascinating and humorous lecture about online shopping that will give you practical information and tools to help you deal with the net, get to know it better, buy and enjoy. It’s a really enjoyable lecture, that you can learn from and reflect on your day to day life.

Shiatsu Treatment-

As part of Mindspace’s wellness beliefs, we offer Shiatsu sessions once every two weeks or so. Shiatsu is especially suited for the office environment since treatments are done while fully clothed and no oils are used. Beyond pain relief and relaxation, Shiatsu helps resolve chronic ailments such as headaches and digestion problems. It’s a great way to get rejuvenated and get you feeling good for the rest of the work week.  


Lunch in the Office-

Does today feel just a bit too overwhelming? Swamped with work? Concerned you won’t be able to make time for lunch? Not to worry! We often invite different chefs in local cities to come and cook lunch for our members in our fully stocked kitchens. This week we had Italian Cuisine!

Nails (weekly)-

Give in to some YOU TIME! We know you’re working hard and we know that it’s hard to find the time during the week to go out and treat yourself and that’s why we are bringing the pampering to you! Once a week we bring in a licensed and highly skilled beautician to come to our office and offer manicures and pedicures. 

Yoga (weekly)-

Come on in and let’s get Zen… As part of the Wellness program, Mindspace offers Yoga class weekly and free with your membership! You don’t have to be bendy like a pretzel to join; this class is suitable for all levels. Bonus: when the weather is nice the classes are held outside which maximizes the experience!


Happy hour (weekly)-

Every Thursday at 3 pm there’s a rush of people that make their way to our famous happy hour. Mingle and network while you eat delicious treats/food and sip on refreshing beverages. Mindspace is a community, and it’s our intention to spark up socializing time! This is the perfect break in the middle of the day, just before the end of the week. Take the opportunity to get to know your office neighbors, say hello to someone new, chat and make connections.

Technion Drive Accelerator Meetup-

The Technion Israel Institution of Technology meetup in the Mindspace auditorium is a great way to end the week. This event gives members the opportunity to learn all about the Technion’s nine-month acceleration program for pre-seed and seed companies. This information session and meetup is the perfect place for anyone interested in digital health, materials, robotics, big data, augmented reality, FinTech, autonomous vehicles, ICT and more!

This is just a small taste. The schedule of events varies from week to week, so there is always something new and fresh to look forward to.

There is so much happening here!

(Sofar Sound Event)

(Fuck-up Nights Event)

*If you are looking for a venue to host your next event, look no further! All of our locations have amazing spaces to hold all sorts of events, lectures, meetups, etc. Contact us, and let’s get things started!

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