The Outsiders

As art is an integral part of Mindspace's heart & soul, each Mindspace location is a home not only for companies but for local artists to present their art. Arts@Mindspace will reveal the stories of the people who make this magic

Written by Noga Grinberg

4 years ago

Anyone who ever visited Mindspace, and walked through the lobby at our Ahad Ha’am or passed through the open space area at our Rothschild building couldn’t have missed the giant canvas paintings or the graffiti of the long-nosed people. Meet Ivonne Dippmann, the talented Berlin-based artist who made our Tel Aviv locations and our new buildings in Berlin and Hamburg so beautiful. We presented Ivonne with some questions, here is what she answered.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am an artist and I do everything I want to do.


How does your work fit in Mindspace?

It brings people together under one roof who work on new ideas, deepen their work and are able to share their expertise. It is available for everyone since it does not exclude or is based on selection by some committee. The basic structure is flexible and most importantly it supports and generates an open mind.


Minsdpace54-2 (1)


Ivonne Dippmann / “There is a clown in a chair sitting and rocking” 3/6 paintings, acrylic, ink, gouache on wood, each 180 x 120cm, in total 180 × 360 cm, Ivonne Dippmann, lobby Ahad Haam Mindspace Tel Aviv 2014


What’s with the long noses?

The noses are a reference to the “liar” and the phallus. With the figures I always worked on the aspect of “masquerade” and the issue of identity regarding the changes of outfits and ultimately connected it to their visual appearance in society. Based on their body language and aesthetics they are outsiders. They are the group of people who touch and inspire me most.


When was the first time you realized this is what you want to do?

To seriously work fully as an artist? – since I left Berlin and moved to Israel. In Berlin I studied Visual Communication and Experimental Media Design at the UdK. In Jerusalem I pushed to be officially enrolled in the Fine Art department for my “Meisterschüler”. There I  found my way of working – freely and intuitive.


What did you think would be easy until you tried it?

Unconditional love.


What did you think would be difficult until you tried it?

To study Hebrew.


What inspires you?

I love to be on the road, it takes away the fear of losing anything – because you notice that at the very bottom you don’t own anything in the world for only one second, not even yourself.



Ivonne Dippmann / “Playtime”, acrylic, ink, spray paint, gouache on wall, each 450 x 300cm, Ivonne Dippmann, open space area, 2nd floor Mindspace Tel Aviv 2014

What is your dream project?

To be invited to create the German Pavilion at Art Venice Biennale within the next 5 years.


What’s the worst critique you’ve ever gotten?


20160401_Mindspace_733A4895_6_7_8_9 (1)



Ivonne Dippmann WV 2016 – 016 / “hall 6 , row B , seat 5” , acrylic, ink, gouache on wall, total 1500 × 250cm, Ivonne Dippmann, open space area 6th floor, Mindspace Berlin 2016


Ivonne-Dippmann-WV 2015-220 05

Ivonne-Dippmann-WV 2015-220 02

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2015 – 220 / “Paul” , acrylic, ink, spray paint, gouache on wall, total 280 × 200cm, Ivonne Dippmann, open space area 6th floor, Mindspace Berlin 2016

What’s the best critique you’ve ever gotten?

“Do something to have a physical experience with the space. Document the experience itself and look what you can do with the image. Don’t just stay in one way of drawing, develop different qualities. Start making a mess! Let’s talk about architecture.” (Meeting with Adina Baron, Jerusalem 2008)
“Give everyone a second or a third chance” (H. Emigholz, Tel Aviv 2010)


Ivonne-Dippmann-WV 2016-017 01

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2016 – 017 / “I was at home, a shame really.”, acrylic, ink, gouache on stone wall, total 1500 × 250cm, Ivonne Dippmann, open space area 3rd floor, Mindspace Hamburg 2016


How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Someone in between a hot lemon tee with honey in the morning and a good Bourbon at night.