Space Stories: Meet Co-Founder & COO of Ranky, Shachar Shamir

We chatted with Shachar Shamir of Ranky, to discuss how his inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Partner sparks growth amongst tech-companies and start-ups across the globe.

Written by Mindspace

9 months ago

Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Shachar Shamir Co-Founder & COO of Ranky. I am 38 years old, married with two daughters and live in the amazing city of Tel Aviv.

Please tell us about your Company.

Ranky is a startup marketing company. We help startups from around the world with their marketing and growth efforts in the international market. We work with startups of any kind of niche such as Cyber Security, MedTech, FoodTech, SportsTech etc. They approach us and ask for our advice and help with their marketing efforts. We provide specialist digital marketing, HubSpot support and tech solutions for our clients and help them reach their goals. At the moment, we are eight people and then we also have our development team that works on websites, apps, e-commerce websites, and CRM. We have clients from all over the world; mainly from Israel, the UK, and the US.

How did the company get started?

Six years ago, my Co-Founder and I realized that there wasn’t really a good solution for startups in terms of digital marketing, so we decided to focus on that niche. There were a lot of good digital marketing companies that gave great digital marketing solutions, but none of them were focused on helping startups. We started with just my Co-founder and myself, and since then we have grown to fifteen people.

In a nutshell, what is the ‘secret sauce’ of your organization? What makes you different and special?

The secret sauce of our organization is that because we are dealing with startups, we try to act like one. We work as a startup so we can understand their needs. They want fast solutions, someone to be there for them 24/7 and work to support them. We understand that this is their life and that they are fully dedicated to their work. As a partner, we act as if we are one of their employees and part of the team.

So far, what has been Ranky’s biggest win and risk?

Everything, since we founded the company, has been a big win for me. I have loved this journey. The fact that we help leading startups and tech companies grow, and reach their goals is a huge win.

The biggest risk was our attempt to open an office in New York City. We saw that we have a lot of clients from New York and in the US and we thought it would be a good opportunity to open an office there. My Co-Founder, Yoav, moved to New York for six months to understand whether or not it was a good fit for us. We ultimately decided that it wasn’t a good fit for us at that time, and we did not go through with it. It was a big risk and a great learning experience.

Where do you see the industry going?

When we first started, we were one of the only digital marketing agencies targeting startups. Today there are more and more marketing companies working with that niche, so there is more competition, but we always think ahead and try to lead in our market and bring new ideas and develop new solutions.

What are your plans for the future?

We are working on developing automation tools, that we believe will help us stand out in the industry. We are also scaling our HubSpot solutions and services.

Give us one tip for success.

Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to try new things. Even if someone tells you that you won’t succeed, do not be afraid and go with your belief. Something good will always come out of it.

What is your day-to-day like at the office?

At the moment, I am mainly working and focusing on business development and sales. When I get to the office, I go through all of my emails, and I also read any news updates in regards to our industry to stay updated. Then I work with the team on various projects and I will usually have meetings with new and potential clients. I am currently focused on acquiring new clients and bring new business to our company.

What is a quote to live by?

“Life is what you make of it.”

Why have you chosen the Mindspace way of life?

Previously, we had a big office in the Ramat Ha’chayal area of Tel Aviv for four years. We wanted a change and an atmosphere with new people, to see new faces and to be a part of a new community. We were looking for a coworking space and we checked a few of them. We ultimately decided that Mindspace was a great fit for us. We really connected to the vibes here.

For more information about Ranky, please visit and follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn at@rankyteam

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