The app that will help you get pregnant

Sisters Eva and Lina founded their start-up Ovy last year. With a cycle-app and a basal thermometer, they help women to calculate their ovulation precisely

Written by Lena Bücker

3 years ago

The story of Ovy app, starts with a personal crisis, many women are facing nowadays. After taking the pill for years, gynecologists discovered a disorder in Lina’s cycle. “Different gynecologists told me that it will be almost impossible for me to have children”, she says. Their advice was to follow her cycle precisely by using a thermometer and writing down all the data.

Only one month later, without even having planned it, Lina surprisingly got pregnant. Through the experience however, Lina and her sister Eva realized that there isn’t much innovation when it comes to reproduction medicine. “There had been cycle-apps already, but they were lacking a connection to a thermometer to have reliable information about a woman’s ovulation. So we started taking care of that“, Eva explains.


Lina and Eva founded the Ovy app. The ideas is simple: women measure their temperature orally with a special basal thermometer and the connected app shows the specific stage of the cycle and how fertile they are. Thus, the app serves both women who want to become pregnant and women who are looking for natural birth control.

Founding a start-up with a sibling has many advantages, Lina explains: “We know each other inside out, we understand each other without words and form a strong unity”, which comes in handy during negotiations. “We also had to learn a few things as we communicate much more straightforward with each other”. To build a start-up with a partner is one of their tips for other entrepreneurs. “Look for a co-founder and for people that know certain things better than you”.

With an office at Mindspace Hamburg, not only do they have each other but also a big community. Eva and Lina chose a co-working space as they wanted to focus on their success during the founding process: “Looking for an office wasn’t very high on our priority list. Mindspace is an ideal launching pad for start-ups and you can find everything you need to work efficiently”.

Lina and Eva have two more tips for other entrepreneurs:

  1. Look for money at an early stage and make sure to always have something on your account
  2. Start with a solution for an existing problem, not with the idea to found a start-up.

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