Not a Boring Office: a Typical Day at Mindspace

A look into the day-to-day operations of Mindspace Hamburg shows you just how un-mundane (and exciting, really) coworking can be.

Written by Ottavia Tomarchio

3 years ago

Many people are curious as to what exactly goes down in a typical Mindspace location on a daily basis. So we’ve prepared some tidbits to give you a sneak peak into our community life in Hamburg. So open your eyes and behold: This is your chance to learn just how great coworking can be in a our one-of-a-kind tightknit community

Start Your Day with a Smile & a Rich Breakfast

Rough morning? Time to turn that frown upside down. It’s extremely important to start your day off right. Our community managers do their very best to ensure that you get a perfect head start – with spontaneously organized communal breakfasts in our kitchen on a nearly regular basis. So get your smile on and set the mood for a productive day filled with smart decisions.

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Get Out of that “Home-Cave”

This your chance to get out of that home-office that tends to leave you feeling unproductive and antisocial, every day. We say, ditch the cave and come work in one of our creative open spaces where you’ll be surrounded by motivated and creative individuals like yourself. Because why go through writer’s block alone when you don’t have to? Don’t worry though – working in a shared space doesn’t mean sacrificing your privacy. You can always retreat to one of our phonebooths when you need your solo time.




Enjoy Quality Coffee at a Flat Rate of…Zero

Time to say goodbye to Starbucks, Balzac, and all other commercial coffee houses around the ‘hood. Who needs that when you’ve got home-brewed coffee and fresh in-house cappuccino’s on the house, all day long?!



You’ll Never Lunch Alone

No more solo lunching…ever. Every day at Mindspace is a new opportunity to dine with a once-stranger and fellow member of the community. On Wednesday’s we host a communal ‘Salad Day,’ and once a month we urge you to make-a-new-friend over a ‘Blind-Lunch.’ Then we’ve got weekly Happy Hours where we bring together members for themed-meals over delicacies like Vietnamese rolls or homemade lasagna. We share our meals like a real family would. And there’s no going back.



Mindspace is Doppelganger Galore!

You will start to find striking resemblances between Mindspace members and famous multi-billionaires. Who knows if this resemblance won’t bring him the best of luck…one day.



The Greatest German TV-Show Just May Show Up at Your Door

Take a time-out from work to tune-in to your very favorite ‘Höhle der Löwen’ directly from your workspace.

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Speed Dating ain’t Just for Meeting Soulmates

Forget about meeting your better half. Here, we host speed-dating, startup style, and hope to help you forge the best of business relationships. It’s all about networking – and Mindspace is the place to be. Let the matching begin!


Spoil Yourself

Where else will you find in-house massages, meditation, and yoga sessions in the office? And let’s not forget about the chance to work on your team-working and communication skills via acroyoga. The perks of staying active & pampered in the workspace do exist…and they can be found here at Mindspace.





The Limits of ‘Normal’ Working will be Stretched

Walking past the many offices lining our halls, you will realize that some stretch the limits of what is ‘normal’ or standard in the 21st century. For some, work can be more creative, entertaining, and out of this world.




Free Advice? Don’t Mind if I Do!

In the community, the more you give, the more you receive. Mindspacers love to share and spread their knowledge and how-to – expect to be consulted, advised, and supported by your peers. You may even be dragged in for new-product-testing and and be given a voice to express your opinion. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

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The Effects of Cohabitation

You just may start to notice yourself morphing into, or growing a lot more similar to, one of your peers. But don’t worry, it’s normal in a ‘co-habitative’ environment to develop imitative behaviors. So when several people from different companies (without prior arrangement) show up wearing identical happy socks – don’t be startled – it happens often that people unknowingly match their outfits.

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Fall in Love with the Cutest Dog Ever

Forget about Boo – there’s a new cutest dog around, and he’s our ‘Chief Happiness Officer.’ Our offices are dog friendly  – and all the K9’s walking around are sure to put a smile on your face and make you fall in love!



End the Day with a Bang

The day doesn’t have to end with work. When your productivity is way past its peak and the end of the workday is near, head downstairs to enjoy one of Mindspace Hamburg’s events. From the Startup Slam, to pitch competitions, innovation panels, and one-of-a-kind workshops and conferences…we’ve got it all. And don’t forget the food-filled happy hours: From French cheeses with wine, to pizza, tapas, and specially mixed-drinks. We’ve got surprises waiting in tow every week!


Enjoy your Community Time in Mindspace



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