Mindspacers Unplugged: Felix from biomano

Just how important is healthy food in the work place? The guys behind biomano have made it their life's work to direct office workers on path to nourishment...

Written by etiennec

2 years ago

Mindspace Friedrichstraße’s community manager, Etienne Castel sits down with the superhuman responsible for bringing nourishing organic fruit boxes straight to your desk.

Hi Felix, nice to have you here. So, tell me a little bit about biomano. What’s your story?
Hi. biomano is one of the companies here at Mindspace Friedrichstraße in Berlin. We launched biomano in 2017 and we are four employees and we have two offices. And we decided to make an offer for businesses and end-customers, for them to be able to get the fresh and organic food directly, as good as it gets, without intermediaries.

And that’s, of course, something that interested directly your coworkers here at Mindspace, right?
Yeah, totally. We have now five customers here at Friedrichstraße and also more at the other location on Krausenstrasße just next door. We deliver our boxes to these companies as well as many others in different locations all over Berlin. We have special discounts for members of Mindspace. For 17 euros, they get four kilos of fruits of a large variety delivered to them every week. That’s a nice and local cooperation. We are very lucky to have this network. Of course, for them it is also an advantage because we are right here, they can come and talk to us and that’s the best customer service there is! In general, it is what makes the difference at biomano, you receive direct contact with the company that delivers to you and cares about you, unlike when you go shopping at the supermarket.

And the companies are very lucky to have you! They don’t even have to move and go to the store to get their fresh fruits!
Exactly. It’s very convenient for everyone. And we adapt our offer to the season. For example, now in winter, we have included ginger and lemon in the box so that people can make a hot tea with them, to keep healthy. Then in the summer, we offer blackberries, strawberries, cherries, all kinds of fruit and different every time so that you don’t get bored!

Tell me about how biomano sources its products, who are your suppliers and what are your criteria for selection?
Our philosophy is organic only, we will never make any compromise on this. But our big aim is to be able to work with every kind of farmer in the region. We work with international farmers for oranges and bananas, of course, because it is the most difficult to get in Germany. We made sure they fit our standards, and the farmers we work with are often Demeter certified. It is an even stricter certification for organic products than just “bio”, it requires biodynamism which means ecosystem preservation, soil husbandry, livestock integration and prohibition of genetically engineered organisms. For apples and pears, and fruit sorts you can get in Germany, we try to find suppliers as local as possible. It is a big challenge for us, but it is something we can offer that really makes a difference.

Now tell me a little bit about you and Mindspace. How do you like it? When did you arrive here?
I have been here for a year now. We started at Mindspace. And it’s been great for us. First of all, for finding partners and the business community – and lots of offers for interesting opportunities and conferences. But also for parties and happy hours. I got to meet the chief of redaction of Wired, thanks to GTEC, another company that works here and organizes meet-ups. I was stoked. For me, Mindspace is an awesome opportunity to mix what is interesting for me personally and what is interesting for my company. It’s really great to work here!

Well, in Spring when you get all the nice fresh sunny fruits, we should definitely throw a fruity happy hour!
Definitely! biomano also does smoothies, so it’s a good idea!

Thank you, Felix!
Thank you, Etienne.

To all of our Mindspacers from Germany, if you fancy some fresh fruits or smoothies delivered to your office weekly, think about having a chat with Felix or anyone at biomano on the 7th Floor at Mindspace Friedrichstraße, in the open space.www.biomano.de

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