Meet Lily Stanger From the Projects Team

Noga Grinberg

27 December, 2019

We sat down for a chat with Lily Stanger from the design team at Mindspace. Hear what’s involved in her work, her favorite spaces, and her design tips. Read on…

What’s your title?
Design Lead

What does that mean?
I manage Mindspaces’ interior design team — we work on all Mindspace projects, all over the world.

How does it work?
Our team is in charge of the design concept for every space.We design the layout and decide where everything goes — the offices, meeting rooms, kitchens, lounges, etc. We work with a local architect at each location on designing the space. We also select all of the interior elements — furniture, lighting, millwork, desk, chairs — basically everything. Except for the artwork — that’s selected by the art team.

Does each location have its own design?

Yes — they’re each designed from the bottom up, completely. Though each location is aligned with the overall Mindspace design concept.

What’s your favorite part of your work?
The design concept — I love seeing how a design mood board turns into a real space

What’s the most challenging part of your work?
The project buildout process — there are a lot of stakeholders and we have to make sure everything is running smoothly with the contractors and suppliers, and within budget. My team works very hard to keep track of all the details.

What did you study?
Interior design

Are you a color person, a product person, a lighting person? What part of design do you really like?
I love planning. I like seeing a good plan where I know that everyone’s needs are going to be met. At Mindspace, for example, I love making sure that people are getting the best use of natural daylight, that there are great open spaces to be in like lounges, and that there’s enough space for people when they’re walking down the hallway. In the places that I design, I want to make sure that when you enter the space you’re walking into a welcoming, open space and not just walking straight into someone’s office.

What’s an interesting, well-designed space that you’ve recently been to?
ABC Cocina — a restaurant in New York. It’s a great space with a great vibe, achieved by the right mix of materials, color palette, furniture, and lighting. But if you ask me what my favorite space in the world is, I’d have to say my home.

What’s your design tip?
Design is the experience of a person in the space — think about who’s going to use the space and what kind of experience you want them to have. Make the space ‘liveable’ — the space should welcome and accommodate people, and people shouldn’t have to feel like they have to adjust to the space.

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Noga is a content producer and creative projects leader for Mindspace.

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