How idea exchange created a company

Mindspace’s newest member, coliquio, bases both its platform & company structure on sharing knowledge and ideas

Written by Micha Brodoff

2 years ago

In Germany, lots of small towns and villages once meant that sometimes, you were the only specialist doctor for kilometers — which was an issue if you didn’t understand a certain patient’s health problem. But if you’re a German-speaking doctor in 2017, chances are you use coliquio to collaborate with other doctors and find a solution, share perspectives, and gain new knowledge — even if they live far away.

coliquio is an IT platform for doctors in Germany and German-speaking countries. “Doctors use coliquio to exchange professional medical experiences and knowledge,” explains Larisa Leonteva, an HR manager responsible for recruiting and employer branding. “coliquio opens up communication between doctors, so they can learn from each other — even if they are in small, remote towns, and far away from each other.”

Larisa Leonteva at Mindspace Munich

Larisa explains that the platform is free for doctors, and that the company has developed an impressive position in a niche market. “Currently, over 175,000 doctors use coliquio — that’s nearly 50% of the doctors in Germany!”

coliquio has grown tremendously since its founding in 2007 by two students at the University of Konstanz. Since then, the company has jumped from two founders to 120 employees based in 3 cities — Konstanz, Hamburg, and now the brand new Mindspace in Munich — where coliquio is one of the first members.

Larisa says that, due to such rapid growth, the company has had to adapt. “1.5 years ago, we changed to an ‘agile’ organizational infrastructure. The classical company structure is like a waterfall, falling from the top. Agile is flat — it’s more about self-motivation, less about bosses telling employees what to do. Each person thinks for themselves and responsible for fulfilling their goals.”

“What is tremendously important for us as an organization is to create a company culture of self-starters and people who contribute ideas, instead of ‘my boss tells me exactly what to do and I do it without thinking.’ coliuqio’s success stems from this culture of creativity and independence, and an agile infrastructure has really helped us toward that end,” Larisa explains.

With this agile infrastructure, Larisa says that each team is comprised of people from various fields. “In one team, we might have front end, back end, and UX all sitting together. And in another pharmaceutical ‘tribe’, we have content writers, market researchers, and online marketing managers all in the same team.”

She says this allows each teammate to learn from the others. “Each brings their skills and field mindset to the table. For us, it’s very important to have employees who put a high value on learning.”

So, in essence, coliquio — a company that creates a platform for medical professionals to share knowledge and experiences — bases its internal operations on that same principle of sharing knowledge, experiences, and ideas? “Yes!” explains Larisa, “which is one of the reasons we chose to open at Mindspace.”

“At Mindspace, we have a team of 12 people. Instead of putting them in their own lonely office in the big city, stewing in their own ideas, our employees at Mindspace can go into the kitchen and make coffee with freelancers and startups alike, and exchange ideas. This fits completely with our company vision.”

Larisa Leonteva at Mindspace Munich


coliquio has even taken it a step further, organizing their own monthly meetups at Mindspace. “It’s great to do this at Mindspace because it is at the center of the tech ecosystem, and it has beautiful facilities. It gives us the opportunity to make our name more visible in the Munich IT market.”

Want to join coliquio in their quest for constant idea exchange? Watch out for their monthly meetups at Mindspace Munich — especially if you’re coding in JavaScript, React, and Node.JS.

For more information about these meetups, you can check here.

coliquio, welcome to Mindspace! We look forward to sharing ideas with you.

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