How to Survive the Holiday Season at Work and Add Some Cheer for Everyone

Maayan Samuni

10 December, 2019

’Tis the season. Of holiday cheer, sweet treats, and office parties. Many parties. Some of us love it. And some of us would prefer that December would pass. As quickly as possible.

What can you do so that people at work not only survive the holiday season, but actually enjoy it? Here are some ideas to cover all the personalities in your office, so that everyone is happy.

The Foodie
Have a special happy hour or lunch where everyone brings their favorite dish. They can buy it, cook it, bake it or pour it — it doesn’t matter. As long as someone can definitively say “this is good,” it counts. Good food and drink makes everyone happy.

The EcoWarrior
If you have the budget, buy everyone a cool reusable mug, cup or metal straw they can use in the office. If you’re going full holiday green and taking a break from consumption, do a fun DIY activity, like upcycling old concert t-shirts (find ideas here, here, or here).

The DIYer
Transform your office space! It’s a perfect time to do that decor project you always thought about. Have an IKEA party or to finally build that bookshelf, paint a wall, or put up photos in the office. Get a few DIYers together to plan it all out and then everyone can take part in adding a bit of spice to the office, just in time for the holidays.

The DoGooder
Pick a charity and go for it. Whether it’s visiting senior citizens at a senior center, building a playground at a community center, organizing a coat drive, wrapping presents, or baking holiday treats — pick a local charity that’s making a difference and connect with people who could use a little boost this holiday season.

The Fitness Guru
They can lead a workout session, yoga class, or evening run and kick every into in shape. Combine an active session with any of the activities above and make it a full holiday event where everyone gets moving.

The Culturist
Have people bring in their favorite song, poem, or work of art (or a picture of it) and share it with everyone. Make holiday wall out them, have a holiday session with it, and get to know a different side of the people who you sit next to every day at work.

Whether you do one or all, or even if you just have a special holiday toast in the office, it’s worth it to take the time and effort to mark the holiday season with colleagues. It’s an excellent chance to add some cheer to everyone’s working life and show them they’re appreciated — in all their talents and interests, both in the office and out.

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Maayan is a New Yorker, turned Tel Avivian social media expert with a passion for content creation and storytelling. Maayan creates and manages social media strategies and campaigns for B2B businesses across various social platforms.

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