Goodbye, Cold! 5 Tips to Stay Healthy in the Office During the Winter Season

Maayan Samuni

25 November, 2019

Worried about catching a cold as the temperature drops? Here are some tips to help prevent you from getting sick this winter.

Coughing, runny noses, headaches — as the leaves fall and the air turns cold, our immune systems suffer the consequences. Similar to trains and buses, shared office space is a primary source of germs and bacteria. As illness spreads quickly in an office with people working side-by-side, companies with understaffed teams cannot afford to lose their employees.

In addition to regularly checking ventilation and heating systems, both employers and their employees should follow these tips to best protect themselves during the cold season. 1. Eat Lots of Fruit — Fresh fruit not only tastes good but will strengthen your immune system. Bananas, apples, and grapes, for example, provide necessary vitamin B and energy boosts. Also, instead of coffee, try ginger tea with honey and a slice of lemon.

2. Get Fresh Air — Breaks are important and fresh air helps clear the head. Even when it’s cold, fresh air keeps your brain on its toes. Therefore, take a break at least once in the afternoon to regain energy. In addition, the office should also be ventilated regularly because dry, sticky air breeds viruses and makes employees tired, which can kill productivity.

3. Practice Good Hygiene — Good hygiene is necessary for any season. In winter, however, employees should prioritize their hygiene above all else. Wash your hands with plenty of soap and warm water to effectively kill all bacteria and viruses. In addition, employers should provide disinfectant gels in all kitchens and bathrooms.

4. Take a Sick Day — Nobody benefits when your colleagues cough and sneeze. When a team member is sick and stays at work, they could unintentionally make the entire office sick. Therefore, if you’re feeling sick, stay at home to recover properly.

5. Eat Fresh — Fresh, healthy food is good for the soul and body, so make it a priority. Go to fresh restaurants or order from delivery services that will bring high-quality, brain-boosting food such as pasta with chicken or vegetable salad. Above all, a warm cup of soup is the perfect antidote for a cold day.

While these tips do not guarantee that you will stay healthy, they will best prepare you to fight the winter season. Most importantly: pay attention to your own body and act immediately when you feel sick.

In the meantime, remember these tips: eat more fruit and healthy food, take regular walks outside, take sick days when needed, and wash your hands often and thoroughly. Wishing your office the best of health this winter season!

About the author

Maayan is a New Yorker, turned Tel Avivian social media expert with a passion for content creation and storytelling. Maayan creates and manages social media strategies and campaigns for B2B businesses across various social platforms.

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