6 Workspace Tips That Make Your Creative Teams Work Better

To unlock what makes U.S. creative and new media talent tick, we delve deep into the benefits of flexible workspace for companies at the forefront of the creative and digital economy.

Written by Mindspace

12 months ago

You’ve spent time, money and energy building the best team you can find; but are you doing everything you can to empower your teams to maximize their potential? The way your workplace looks, feels and functions has a commanding effect on the way your creative team works, and on your company’s identity. Maximize the talent you have by devising an environment that is physically and emotionally encouraging of profound creativity and supreme productivity.  

What constitutes the ultimate work environment for teams from new media companies, creative companies, and marketing agencies alike? We’re the globally-stationed coworking/office-as-a-service provider with inspiring workspace worldwide; and to save you time, we’ve done the research. Here are six tips that consolidate what’s most important when securing an office space for creative go-getters.

  1. Place your team in the heart of the action, at the crux of the creative soul.

After-work drinks, best coffee in town, art gallery precinct, top five lunch spots, beautiful streets, buzzing atmosphere, trend-setting stores. These are just some of the attractions your creative talent genuinely cares about. Locating an office space in the heart of the action is paramount for two reasons: first, to give your current team a serious boost of energy, and, secondly, to increase the appeal when it comes to finding and recruiting the very best talent around.

Your teams live and breathe the city vibe.  They are passionate about culture and innovation, and to succeed within the new media world, they require an energizing backdrop.

When recruiting new talent (and trying to attract the cream of the crop), the location of your office will greatly influence the outcome of your efforts. Top talent from the creative world wants to work in the best part of town, they want to be inspired by their surroundings, to enjoy their lunch breaks, and to be part of pioneering trends and happenings. Our Mindspace locations place your teams at the connected heart of the action and opens up their creative imagination. 

  1.   Don’t seat team members so that they are stuck at one desk behind one computer. Ever.

One of the professional world’s greatest deterrents and soul-suckers (according to creative people) is the banal reality of sitting behind a desk, the same desk, every day, facing a wall and not moving for the rest of their lives. This is a genuine fear of young professionals and it is why we are seeing such a proliferation of freelance/digital nomad setups these days. This may be related to shortened attention spans caused by the digital age but, either way, it’s completely avoidable.

Some coworking spaces, flexible workplaces, and office-as-a-service providers are designed to encourage movement and fluidity at work via breakout areas, lounges, event spaces, lofts, secret hideouts, private booths, bar tops, and hidden corners. Designated spaces for breakout sessions and meetings are the top request for 25.4% of employees surveyed by OnePoll in D.C. & San Francisco.

Mindspace prides itself on the variety of rooms from which members work, dream, and create. The Mindspace architects invest great energy in drawing up plans that honor (and satiate) this very important need. Team members who get to work out of a Mindspace office will never find themselves stuck behind one desk at one computer. They can enjoy and celebrate the luxury of moving around the space, taking in the buzzing atmosphere, enjoying the art and design – benefitting from the innate creative stimulation of working in dynamic physical surroundings.  Whether it’s a hanging kayak, illuminated Jim Morrison mural, or thousands of vintage books, there’s a plethora of inspiration. It’s this movement, fluidity, and variety that help spawn creative thinking.

  1. Leverage design so that every wall, shelf, and lightbulb is a source of inspiration

OnePoll’s survey of 250 D.C. and San Francisco offers workers, revealed that 32.8% of employees described their physical workspace environment as “boring” or “lacking atmosphere. A drab cubicle farm has never been a place of inspiration or enthusiastic productivity, and it’s surprising how many companies still set up shop in buildings that feel soulless. The layout, design, and ergonomics of your workspace, affects the way your workspace feels. Your creative team requires a creative environment, one led by uplifting design and a smart layout that encourages both collaboration, and rooms/areas for silent, focused work. With artfully-designed lounges, private one-on-one work booths, and tech-loaded meeting rooms, Mindspace cultivates an environment for creatives and inspired visionaries. You may want to think of it as a contemporary twist on an old-fashioned living room complete with vintage furnishings, shelves spilling over with old books and records, and an open layout fit with glass-walled private offices, pops of color and interesting textures. There’s even a podcast room by Heartcast Media, for creative content production.

  1.    Follow the principles of the interiors world’s chief creativity booster: design thinking.

Companies concerned with the long-term wellbeing of workers must heed design thinking, an approach that uses storytelling to make ideas and products more relatable to consumers.  It’s a solutions-based methodology for solving problems.

It’s time to trade the passing trends of office design for long term solutions which can be found in flexible workspaces, driven by design thinking. Design thinking solves complex problems and finds desirable solutions for individual needs. It informs human-centered innovation and draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systematic reasoning to explore the possibilities of what could be, and to create desired outcomes that benefit the end user.

A design mindset is not problem-focused, it is solution-focused and action-oriented towards creating a preferred future. Much like coworking, it grew out of a temporary solution for freelancers and has become a permanent fixture that is redefining working life. Workplaces that are motivated by Design Thinking produce loyal, happy and dedicated employees who are inspired to reinvent themselves every day and innovate like never before. A space that is designed and created by designers and creators, can be ideal for the creative-minded.

  1.  Give them the flexibility to network, connect and create

New economy workers, and millennials, in particular, expect a new level of flexibility and mobility. 30% of U.S. employees want 24/7 access to their offices, giving them the freedom to create their own schedule. Your need to acknowledge and adapt to the realities of an increasingly mobile workforce-accepting coworking spaces as mainstream and a viable alternative to traditional lease models. Employees have adopted non-traditional work environments, particularly those doing creative work. Employees within shared offices spaces can exact the true inspirational power from being surrounded by various companies, ideas and by attending curated events in the space.

Setting up shop in a community atmosphere gives creative team members access to diverse sources of creativity with the opportunity to connect with other driven and inventive individuals – freelancers, innovators, and other motivated and successful individuals and companies. This puts your employees in direct contact with people who can help drive your business forward through collaboration. It is critical to give them the opportunity to learn, engage, and network at work.

Rather than working in a slow-paced, conventional setting, more and more media companies are embracing the community spirit found in coworking or flexible office spaces. Mindspace has become a center of influence with our wide range of community experiences including meetups, parties, and hands-on workshops. When you’re not in your private office space, you have access to shared areas and events where you can meet and collaborate.

Unlike outdated corporate environments, coworking spaces expose employees to a diverse professional network – businesses all working under the same roof, inspiring creativity and building relationships may become critical in the long run. Believe it or not, in a recent survey we discovered that 93% of members say that the Mindspace network benefits their business.

  1. Create space for creativity.

Last, but not least, shared workspaces are proven to stimulate creativity. A global coworking study showed that 71% of people experienced a surge of creativity after joining a coworking space.  Several academic studies have followed suit to further probe this subject matter. Additionally, 89% of people reported feeling happier following taking up the coworking lifestyle (better work-life balance has been shown to be part of this equation). Indeed environment matters. There’s no doubt that the ‘osmotic effect’ of being surrounded by industry leaders, influencers and other creative thinkers has something to do with it. Indeed many startups and entrepreneurs report that the coworking energy and setup has contributed to their success. Conventional workspaces tend to breed more conventional thinking. Indeed coworking spaces allow teams to build their own unique identities within the ecosystem.  

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